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Frosted vinyl for windows

Frosted Vinyl for Windows

Frosted vinyl for windows is a self-adhesive polymer material with a matte effect and a slight rough texture. The properties of frosted vinyl film are designed to maintain privacy while allowing ample light into a space.

Choose and Order Your Frosted Vinyl Window Film Online

Interested in frosted vinyl window film? You can easily select and place your order through our online store. Here’s what to expect:

  • Utilising FedEx for logistics, we ensure direct delivery to your location, be it within the UK or beyond.
  • Each order is accompanied by a complimentary concentrate and a professional tool, provided at no additional cost.
  • Furthermore, an additional sample of film frosted window vinyl is included free of charge, facilitating a better understanding of the installation process.

Advantages of Vinyl Frosted Window Film

These coverings are made from a special material, vinyl chloride, which allows for varying thickness and gradation of the frost effect. This results in either a less dense blur for privacy or a more opaque effect. Key benefits include:

  • Easy installation and the ability to remove and replace as needed, making frosted adhesive vinyl a convenient choice for windows
  • Functional uniformity, providing the same effect both day and night with frosted vinyl for windows.
  • Predictable privacy effect, ensuring consistent performance from the frosted vinyl for windows.

Properties of Frosted Vinyl Window Film 

Frosted window vinyl, with its plastic-like appearance and texture, is a smart choice for maintaining privacy while allowing light in. Its even composition ensures light can filter through, softly blurring images from both sides to keep rooms well-lit. Frosted window vinyl is not just a popular choice but an effective one for privacy, both day and night. Its key features include:

  • Allows for light transmission without darkening the room.
  • Its moisture resistance makes it ideal for use in shower rooms and on flat shower glass.
  • Frosted window vinyl offers versatile application options, including full or partial window coverage.
  • Available in a variety of colours and privacy levels to suit different preferences.

Frosted window vinyl has been used for decades and is a proven material for professional applications, offering an effective privacy solution for various settings.

Ease of Use with Frosted Adhesive Vinyl

Check out our frosted adhesive vinyl sheets for glass – they're super easy to install! Each sheet of frosted adhesive vinyl comes prepped with a clear adhesive layer. All you need to do is peel off the protective paper or liner, use a solution made from the mounting concentrate, and you're good to go. It's that straightforward!

We also offer bubble-free options within our frosted adhesive vinyl range. These have special channels in the adhesive layer for a smooth, dry installation. You can fit them using a squeegee or the same solution used for other frosted adhesive vinyl products, making the process versatile and user-friendly.

Vinyl Frosted Glass Film in Various Colours

Our selection includes vinyl frosted glass films in gold, light grey, grey, and white. All product images on our website are authentic and accurately represent the items on offer. We guarantee the high quality of each vinyl frosted glass film.

Our products are durable, with an indoor lifespan of up to 9 years. The tinting offered by our online store does not crack under the sun, nor does it shrink or contract at the edges when used as directed.

Frosted Glass Vinyl - Enhanced Density for Reduced Transparency

  • FG-K/300 Leads the pack in frosted vinyl for windows with its intense frosted finish, flaunting a sleek light grey hue.
  • FG-K/300 BF, a smooth operator with its bubble-free, intensely frosted vinyl, all in that cool light grey tone.
  • FG-Etched White brings an elegant etched glass effect to the table, in a sharp white tone.
  • DLX-01/01 Wraps up the selection as a distinctive white frosted option, featuring a unique grey-white colour that makes it stand out.

Standard Variant Frosted Window Vinyl

  • FG-K/302: Is a real game-changer in the world of frosted vinyl for windows, rocking a frosted effect in a versatile neutral grey that's just perfect for any setting.

Less Dense Effect (More Transparent Films)

  • FG-Etched Clear takes the lead with its sophisticated etched glass effect, complemented by a clear matte finish and a subtle grey tinge.
  • FG-51131-Gold steps into the spotlight with its striking etched film, radiating in a rich gold shade.
  • Kpmf 51112 brings a modern twist with its sandblast film, showcasing a stylish silver colour

Frosted Vinyl: A Flexible Solution

Going for a bit of tinting from our frosted vinyl range? This choice is first-rate for enhancing the look of your glass, internally and externally, and it's brilliant for boosting your privacy as well. Highly adaptable and straightforward to apply, it's a popular option for both residential and commercial settings.

Additionally, it's excellent for achieving the perfect level of natural lighting in your area, adding a touch of cosiness. You can explore the entire collection in the frosted window film the range section on our website, which should help with your choice. To understand more about the primary material's characteristics, have a look at the vinyl film for glass section on our site.

If in doubt, refer to sections with additional information:

  1. Dive into the complete story behind frosted glass window films by exploring their comprehensive breakdown and properties.
  2. Window Matte Film is gaining popularity fast; learn more about these increasingly popular films.
  3. Etched Film- comes in various shades, offering a diverse range to explore.

Offering a Comprehensive Service with Vinyl Frosted Glass Film

Visit our website to select your desired frosted vinyl. We offer precision cutting to your specific measurements at no additional cost. This service provides a customised solution, ensuring a perfect fit for your requirements. 

For further information and a detailed description of this service, please consult the frosted window film made to measure section on our site. This facility offers a unique chance to obtain a pre-prepared, individualised Do-It-Yourself frosted film kit, meticulously tailored to your specified dimensions.

Model: FG- Clear bubble textured film
Buy Clear bubble textured film-3D bubble pattern filmFG Clear bubble textured film - choose and buy a decorative privacy film with a pattern. Free cutting to customer's size. Semitransparent Clear bubble textured film. Film with a pattern. An interesting solution for protection from prying eyes..
Ex Tax:£37.40
Model: FG-EC-Etched clear-matt
FG-Etched Clear matt - etched glass effect filmOrder FG-EC-Etched clear-matt film. Free cutting according to the client's size + mounting solution and tool as a gift. The film imitates Etched glass with a matte effect. Delivery anywhere in the UK and beyond.The main feature - the film allows you to ..
Ex Tax:£32.00
Model: FG-K-300 BF -Bubble free intense frost film
FG-K-300 BF Bubble free intense frosted film for dry installationBuy intense frost effect glass film FG-K-300 BF (Bubble free) - for dry installation. Free cutting according to the client's size. Delivery anywhere in the UK and beyond. The film has channels in the adhesive layer for easy and qu..
Ex Tax:£32.00
Model: FG-K-302 frosted effect films Axel Graphics
FG-K-302 -choose and buy frosted effect vinyl window filmBuy Frosted effect films + tool and mounting concentrate as a gift. Free cutting to customer's size. FG-K-302 is the most popular frosted effect window film. Delivery anywhere in the UK. The largest selection and most complete service of windo..
Ex Tax:£29.75
Model: Kpmf 51112-Sanblast film silver-tex
KPMF 51112-Sanblast film silver colorBuy KPMF 51112 — Sanblast film silver color with a pleasant grain texture. This film can be ordered online in ready-to-install parts according to the individual dimensions of the customer. Delivery anywhere in the UK and beyond.This film is usedThe manufacturer a..
Ex Tax:£33.60
Model: White frosted window film -DLX-01/01-Cut to size
Buy white frosted window film onlineWhite frosted window film DLX-01/01 has a white color and creates a frost effect. It transmits light very well, removes visibility and makes the glass opaque in both directions. Buy Kraft Films DLX-01/01 if you want to get a neutral white frost film. This fil..
Ex Tax:£27.97
Model: FG-51131-Gold -Etched film
FG-51131-Gold - light gold film(etched film)Buy Etched gold film( etched film)- FG-51131 Gold light gold color. Free cutting according to customer's size + tool as a gift. Select and order online with delivery anywhere in the UK. FeaturesFG-51131-Gold has a light gold color and replicates the e..
Ex Tax:£33.59
Model: FG-ICE-Etched-white tone
FG-ICE-Etch glass effect film (white tone) - choose and orderBuy FG-ICE-Etched film white tone - free cutting to customer's size + mounting solution and tool as a gift. Delivery anywhere in the UK and beyond. The film protects from prying eyes and increases the level of privacy.Feature of FG-ICE-Etc..
Ex Tax:£31.00
Model: FG-402-Sanblast film -Axel Graphics
Sandblast film FG-402 for privacy and glass and window decorationBuy Sandblast film FG-402 - free cutting according to the customer's size, + tool and mounting solution as a gift. FG-402 - privacy film with Sandblast glass properties - shipping anywhere in the UK and beyond.FeatureFG-402 - Neutral g..
Ex Tax:£29.59
Model: FG-K/300-Axel Graphics-intense frost
FG-K-300 -intense frost - the most dense frost film for glass and windowsBuy intense frost effect glass film FG-K-300 - free cutting to customer's size + get a free tool and mounting concentrate. We offer to choose and order frost film of the highest density. Film FG-K-300 creates the effect of..
Ex Tax:£29.59
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