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Buy window film online - if you're in need of window film, look no further. Our selection boasts more than 300 unique models to suit a variety of requirements. Enjoy the convenience of having your order delivered directly to you by FedEx couriers.

To make things easier, every purchase includes a complimentary installation tool and mounting solution. Our collection is extensive and boasts coverings that are not only proven by time but also renowned for their durability.

Rest assured, the authenticity of our products is a top priority. The images of our window films are genuine and accurately represent what we offer - 100% real and unadulterated.

Shop for window tinting online with handy options:

  • Free custom cutting to fit your windows
  • A complimentary extra piece of tint for practicing the installation technique.
  • No charge for the necessary tools and installation concentrate.

No Sign-Up Needed to Check Prices

Simply choose your desired covering, input the measurements in centimetres, and presto – the price appears. The most convenient aspect? You're not required to register or disclose any personal details until you decide to finalise a purchase. Additionally, our prices are quite economical, beginning at a mere £5, with the final cost contingent on your order's dimensions.

Buy films online

Our buy window film online service lets you mix and match different tints and sizes. No limits on quantity. Here’s what we offer:

  • Buy mirror film in various shades and colours.
  • Buy one-way mirror film for privacy.
  • Buy solar film to keep out heat and bright sunlight, available for both indoor and outdoor installation.
  • Buy security film in different thicknesses for protection against burglars and shrapnel.
  • Buy frosted glass film in various colours for two-way privacy without losing light.
  • Buy decorative film to jazz up your interior and exterior windows.
  • Buy privacy film for that extra bit of seclusion.

Unsure what to choose? Dive into detailed info about window films and their features. We’ve got a huge selection at great prices, convenient payment options, and fast delivery to the UK and beyond. Plus, get free consultations and reviews on our products.

We're your one-stop shop for window coverings and accessories. Order and buy window film online UK with delivery for all kinds of applications. Perfect for even the most discerning customers.

Helpful Resources:

  • Step-by-step picture guide on window tinting.
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Model: Bronze AT 20% EX
Bronze AT 20 Ex - bronze color external film 20%Bronze AT 20 Ex is a reflective, one-way visibility sun protection film in bronze hue. Order Cut to size or running meters in widths of 50 cm, 76 cm, 101 cm. Delivery anywhere in the UK and far beyond. The film darkens sunlight by 72% and reflects..
Ex Tax:£34.83
Model: Bronze AT 20-ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Bronze AT 20-ROLL 1,52x30,5m..
Ex Tax:£562.00
Model: Bronze AT 35 EX
Bronze AT 35 EX - half-reflective light filmBronze AT 35 EX is a light bronze semi-reflective and sun protection film. Select and order cut to size or linear meters with a width of 50 cm, 76 cm, 101 cm. Reflection of solar heat by 70%, light transmission by 35%.Applied as The sun is blacking ou..
Ex Tax:£34.83
Model: Bronze AT 35 EX ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Bronze AT 35 EX ROLL 1,52x30,5m..
Ex Tax:£612.50
Clear 12 mil (336mkm) EN356 P2A Clear 12 mil (336mkm) EN356 P2A
Out Of Stock
Brand: Kraft Films Model: Clear 12 mil (336mkm) EN356 P2A
Very thick film Kraft Films 12 mil (336 microns)336 microns thick anti-burglary protective film Kraft Films 12mil is used for very large windows in order to protect homes and offices against break-ins, robbers and vandals. Safety film Kraft Films 12 mil (336 microns) is necessary and suitable for ap..
Ex Tax:£64.68
Brand: Kraft Films Model: Clear 12-mil (336mkm) EN356 P2A ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Clear 12-mil (336mkm) EN356 P2A ROLL 1,52x30,5m..
Ex Tax:£820.00
Brand: Kraft Films Model: Clear 4 mil (112mkm) EN12600
Order anti-shatter glass film Kraft Films 4MilSafety film 100 micron KraftFilms 4 mil (actual thickness - 112 microns) is a reliable protection from glass and mirror shatters used in apartments, private residences and offices. The film complies with safety standard EN12600 1B1. Absolutely transparen..
Ex Tax:£27.97
Model: Clear 4 mil (112mkm)EN12600- ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Clear 4 mil (112mkm) EN12600 ROLL 1,52x30,5m..
Ex Tax:£485.00
Brand: Kraft Films Model: Clear 8 mil (224mkm) EN356 P1A
Protective burglar-resistant film 8 mil (224 microns)Thick safety film Kraft Films 8mil (224 microns) is used to reinforce medium sized windows and to protect your home or office from burglary and thieves. This film is 224 microns thick (strength class P1A) and meets safety standards DIN 52337 and E..
Ex Tax:£39.20
Model: Clear 8 mil (224mkm) EN356 P1A- ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Clear 8 mil (224mkm) EN356 P1A- ROLL 1,52x30,5m..
Ex Tax:£690.00
Model: Climatic 1 -ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Climatic 1 -ROLL 152 cm x30,5m..
Ex Tax:£970.00
Model: Climatic 1-80 %
Climatic 1,  Clear Heat Rejection Film..
Ex Tax:£64.68
Climatic 9 External-ROLL 1,52x30,5m Climatic 9 External-ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Out Of Stock
Model: Climatic 9 External-ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Climatic 9 External-ROLL 152 cm x30,5m..
Ex Tax:£1,270.00
Model: Climatic 9-External
Climatic 9-External..
Ex Tax:£77.21
Model: FG- Clear bubble textured film
Buy Clear bubble textured film-3D bubble pattern filmFG Clear bubble textured film - choose and buy a decorative privacy film with a pattern. Free cutting to customer's size. Semitransparent Clear bubble textured film. Film with a pattern. An interesting solution for protection from prying eyes..
Ex Tax:£37.40
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