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Home window tint film

Home window tint film

A home window tint film is a comfortable way to change glass properties. Home window tint films are easy to install and to remove if necessary. The film can be installed without removing the glass from the window frame and without disassembling the structure. Glass films for homes are popular in the UK and have been in use for over 40 years.

Main advantages

Long-lasting performance. When installed inside, high-quality window films  serve for nine years and longer. When installed outside, the service life is about four years;

  • These films are easy to clean and do not require any special maintenance or care;
  • Moisture does not harm these films;
  • You can easily remove or replace the film without damaging the glass;
  • Easy to install. 

10 main window films - what is what

Window films for home can be divided into four types. Please choose the right film for glass according to its features. Do not think that window films are universal. Each type has a specific effect. The following types of window films are commonly used on glass at home:

We offer a full range of the best window films for homes.

Service of a glass film for home

Glass films for homes do not require any special maintenance. The main thing is to dry the film. Films can be washed with any household chemicals and wiped with soft cloths.

Brand: Kraft Films Model: 4 Mil Safety Film
4Mil Safety and Protective FilmElevate your space's safety with the innovative Kraft Films 4Mil Safety and Protective Glass Film, a hallmark of durability at 120 microns. Transforming glass and mirror surfaces into resilient shields, it's ideal for various environments, including offices, homes, and..
Ex Tax:£27.97
8 Mil Security and Protection Window Film 8 Mil Security and Protection Window Film
Hot 2-3 Days
Brand: Kraft Films Model: 8 Mil
8 Mil -224 microns security window filmUpgrade your space's security effortlessly with our top-tier 8 Mil (224 microns) Security Window Film, meticulously crafted for bolstering mid-sized windows. This formidable, 224-micron-thick barrier aligns seamlessly with the stringent criteria of DIN 52337 an..
Ex Tax:£39.20
Model: Bronze AT 20% EX
Bronze AT 20 Ex -Bronze-External Mirror FilmPresenting the Ex AT 20 Bronze: a masterful blend of aesthetic elegance and advanced engineering, offering robust protection from intense sun exposure. This film, adorned with an elegant bronze lustre, transforms your glass surfaces, seamlessly integrating..
Ex Tax:£34.83
Model: Bronze AT 35 EX
Bronze AT 35 EX -half-reflective light filmsFancy a bronze hue for your windows? We suggest the Bronze AT 35 EX – a light window film designed for external application. It offers ample defense against the sun and its heat. Typically favoured by those seeking subtle protection without excessively dar..
Ex Tax:£34.83
Model: DLX-01/01 White Privacy Films
DLX-01/01 White Privacy FilmsWe invite you to select and purchase online the DLX-01/01 White Privacy Films for glass tinting. Introducing DLX-01/01 White Privacy Films: A perfect blend of elegance and functionality, these expertly crafted window films transform your living and working spaces by merg..
Ex Tax:£27.97
Model: Infinity 35 Light Gold
Infinity 35 Light Gold -film with a slight golden tintThe Infinity 35 Light Gold window film graces surfaces with a subtle hint of pale gold. Exceptionally light and remarkably transparent, this film offers a delicate solution for shielding against the sun's rays. The Infinity 35 doesn't impart..
Ex Tax:£39.99
Model: Milk-White DLX-01-01W Film
DLX-01-01W Milk Frosted FilmWelcome to the sophisticated realm of the DLX-01-01W Milk Frosted Film, an exquisite addition to our distinguished window dressing anthology. Bask in the delicate, moonlit hue of this film, a testament to the zenith of frosted glass finesse.Luxuriously Crafted for Eleganc..
Ex Tax:£29.41
Brand: Kraft Films Model: Silver Omg 20
Silver window film Omg 20%Introducing the Omg Silver 20 Window Film, an essential addition to your space for enhancing privacy and managing indoor temperature. This product, with its elegant silver finish, transforms your windows into a reflective shield, offering protection from prying eyes, reduci..
Ex Tax:£27.97
Brand: Kraft Films Model: Omg 20% -50 cm x 1m
Silver Omg 20 Mirror Film Online-50cm in WidthThe Silver Omg 20 Mirror Film, measuring 50cm -this film is not just a product; it's an investment in your space, enhancing its functionality and aesthetics with its superior reflective capabilities.The Silver Omg 20 transcends the conventional, position..
Ex Tax:£6.06
One Way Mirror Privacy Film 20% -152cm x 1m One Way Mirror Privacy Film 20% -152cm x 1m
Hot Out Of Stock
Brand: Kraft Films Model: Omg 20% -152,4 cm x 1 m
Silver Omg 20 Window Film - 152cm wide The Omg20 doesn't just stand out; it stands up to the sun's glare and prying eyes. Its avant-garde construction boasts a unique one-way visibility feature, making it a top-tier choice for both residential and commercial settings. Whether it's for your home..
Ex Tax:£16.97
Brand: Kraft Films Model: Omg 20% -101 cm x 1m
Window film Silver Omg 20 - 101cmDiscover the unparalleled elegance and utility of the Silver Omg 20 - 101cm window film, a flagship offering for those seeking top-tier window film solutions. Our Silver Omg 20 window film, with its generous width of 101cm, brings a blend of style and functionality t..
Ex Tax:£11.32
Brand: Kraft Films Model: Omg 20% -76 cm x 1 m
Silver Omg 20 window film 76 cmwideSecure your Silver Omg 20 window film in linear metres, each portion precisely cut to a 76 cm width. Renowned for its widespread acclaim and versatile utility, this film is invariably supplied to our customers as a complete, unblemished piece.Refined sophistication..
Ex Tax:£9.03
Model: Milk-White DLX-01-01W
Window film privacy Milk-White DLX-01-01W Presenting the Exquisite Privacy Milk-White DLX-01-01W Window Film: An Epitome of Grace and Peaceful Ambience. Step into the realm of unparalleled elegance with the Privacy Milk-White DLX-01-01W Window Film, a masterpiece crafted for the discerning indi..
Ex Tax:£29.41
Model: Silver Omg 20 Ex
Omg 20% Ex – Buy outdoor mirror tint filmOmg 20 Ex film transcends the ordinary, serving as a key element in revamping your outdoor areas. It boasts features such as one-way mirroring, solar protection, and an engaging design, meticulously tailored to augment your outdoor comfort and privacy with th..
Ex Tax:£34.29
Model: Silver Omg 30 Ex
Omg 30% Ex – Buy light mirror outdoor tint filmThe Omg 30% Ex Semi-mirror Light Tint Reflective Film is a sought-after choice, particularly designed for external window application. This product resonates with clients who prefer to maintain the natural luminance of their windows while seeking an eff..
Ex Tax:£34.29
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