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We have been working with window films since 2012

The online store of window films belongs to SOLARIS979. The company has been operating since 2012 and offers its clients: 

  • online sale of window films;
  • free of charge cutting to size, window films measured in running meters and in professional rolls;
  • installation tools and additional materials;
  • trainings and consultation services on the use of window films;
  • delivery to 11 European countries and beyond.

Online seller and professional toners

Practical experience in work with window films of different types and from different manufacturers. The company started out as a window tinting service and then expanded our activities by adding online sales. There is a large number of real, authentic and accurate images on our website. We are professionals who know how window films work and which type of window film is suitable for each specific case.

300 film models - a time-tested range

The largest and most versatile range of window films with full description and technical data. All products are time-tested, have a long service life and meet professional standards. We use everything we sell at different sites and see the advantages and disadvantages of each film.

Alex is a product manager with experience in working with window films since 2005. She knows the technical characteristics of films from different manufacturers and has worked with 3M, ASWF and LLumar brands. The woman always helps to make the best choice and knows the technology of installing decorative and advertising films.


Andrew has experience in working with window films since 2009. High-quality and fast installation of window films of various types and installation work of any complexity. The man shares his knowledge on installing window films quickly and efficiently. Consultation services in the selection and use of sunscreen, matte, anti-splinter and anti-burglary window films.


Victor is a qualified specialist, a professional installer of window film of any complexity and volume. He carries out from 400 to 500 orders annually. Experience in working with large objects with an area of more than 1,200 square meters since 2011. Training and consultant services for working with protective, mirror, matte and decorative films.

Alexander is a Head of the Warehouse and Transport Logistics Department: formation and service of orders, maintenance of warehouse stocks, sending and tracking of parcels, cooperation with courier companies.

We post comprehensive information about window films on the website and do our best to help our customers to make the right choice. We draw the attention of potential buyers not only to the advantages, but also to the disadvantages of each specific window film.

Full service