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Decorative window films 

A decorative window film with patterns decorates glass and changes its appearance. It makes the glass semi-transparent and allows you to hide from prying eyes. The film makes it difficult to see through the glass and creates a semi-privacy effect.  

Each decorative film glass has its own transparency level that depends on density and patterns.

We offer decorative films with different designs and styles, as well as different transparency levels.  You can choose films with stripes of different width, geometric or floral patterns.


Decorative films for windows are usually installed on flat glass surfaces of different premises. These films can be used for indoor or outdoor installation. For example:

  • on glass surfaces of front doors and interior doors;
  • on glass partitions and sliding door wardrobes;
  • on glass doors of different types of furniture;
  • on windows of kitchens, garages, basements, boiler houses and other housekeeping areas;
  • on glass surfaces of balconies, stairs and terraces. 

Please note that films can be combined and used as a constructor. There is no need to cover all glass surface or use one film only. You can combine any decorative privacy film and any frosted effect window film of your choice. One part of the glass surface can be covered with white matte film while the other can be decorated with striped film.

How to choose a decorative privacy film?

Everything depends of your preferences. Some people love geometric patterns while others prefer floral themes. First of all, decorative privacy films have aesthetic functions. Privacy do not play a critical role. After all, everyone has their own ideas about transparency. 

  • Please check patterned frosted window film with different patterns. These films blur the image, but allow little chance to see what is happening behind the glass. 
  • Striped window film - window films with stripes of different width (10 mm, 35 mm, etc.)

You can get free of charge samples of any decorative window film of your choice. Decorative films and other types of window films are easy to install and remove if necessary.

Model: FG- Clear bubble textured film
Buy Clear bubble textured film-3D bubble pattern filmThe FG-Clear Bubble Textured Film is a decorative privacy film, captivating with its unique pattern reminiscent of delicate air bubbles. This vinyl film is distinguished by its particular traits; it boasts a substantial thickness and is adhesively..
Ex Tax:£37.40
Model: Stripe 10mm Roll - DLX-00/01
Venetian Blinds Stripe 10mm Roll - DLX-00/01Acquire the Venetian Blinds Stripe-DLX-00/01 window film roll, elegantly priced starting at £450 for a professional-grade roll measuring 152.4 cm in width, accompanied by complimentary delivery to any destination within the United Kingdom.Added Install..
Ex Tax:£436.00
Model: DLX-00/01, White Stripes 10 mm
Order Striped Window Film - 10mm DLX 01/01Uncover the refined sophistication of our 10mm Striped Window Film, now offered through our online platform. With every order, we provide free installation accessories and solution as an exclusive perk. This ornamental film is adorned with narrow, matte stri..
Ex Tax:£33.90
Model: White Stripes 45mm, DLX-00/12
Striped Window Film DLX 00/12, 45mmDelve into our digital array and select our 45mm Striped Window Film, distinguished by its unique 10mm transparent spacing. Characterised by broad, matte bands, it serves as a multifunctional choice for enhancing both privacy and glass aesthetics. Relish the benefi..
Ex Tax:£33.90
Model: White Blocks 36mm, DLX-00/04
Decorative Film with 36 mm Squares - DLX 00/04Available for acquisition is our ornamental film adorned with substantial matte squares, each spanning 36 mm, separated by a 10 mm interstice - model DLX 00/04. Our assortment encompasses a variety of window films, each bearing distinct geometric motifs...
Ex Tax:£33.90
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