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Striped window film

Striped window film

Striped window film emerges as a refined and progressive solution, enhancing privacy and aesthetic charm in a variety of settings such as residential areas, corporate offices, and retail spaces. This film distinguishes itself from traditional privacy options through its distinctive design, perfectly blending functionality with decorative sophistication.

Applications and Merits

Extensive Usage -Ideal for a multitude of glass surfaces where partial privacy is paramount, the frosted stripe window film is perfectly suited for:

  • Office glass partitions
  • Glass room dividers
  • External windows in residences
  • Windows in healthcare and public buildings

Harmonised Privacy: 

The main forte of this film lies in its ability to provide seclusion while maintaining a link with the outside, avoiding the sensation of total isolation common with full-coverage privacy films.

Unwavering Privacy Assurance: 

These films offer a constant privacy effect throughout the day, standing out from one-way tinted films that rely on light direction.

Variations in Striped Privacy Window Film

Range in Stripe Width and Clarity -the films are available in different stripe widths, each offering a distinct degree of transparency and light penetration. Our selection includes matte stripes in widths of 45mm, 10mm, and a mid-range option of 33mm, with specific spacing between stripes as detailed in our product descriptions.

Decorative Flexibility: 

Beyond privacy, these films introduce an exclusive design aspect, transforming environments with either a modern or sophisticated touch. They can be tastefully combined with similar films from our white frosted window film range.

In our online store, you can discover a variety of Randig fönsterfilm styles, varying in pattern density and transparency:

  • DLX 00/12: Wider 45mm stripes for a denser look
  • DLX 00/01: Narrow 10mm stripes for enhanced transparency
  • DLX 00/33: Medium 33mm stripes

Custom Tailoring:

We meticulously tailor each order to the client's requirements, confirming the orientation of the stripes in relation to the window dimensions.

For more pattern alternatives, feel free to explore our decorative film section, an integral part of our broader privacy glass films collection.

Vertical Striped Window Film

Adaptive orientation -our striped tint film is versatile, suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications, thus catering to a variety of design preferences. Should your vision include vertical striped window film, we are prepared to meet this specification.

Model: Stripe 10mm Roll - DLX-00/01
Venetian Blinds Stripe 10mm Roll - DLX-00/01Acquire the Venetian Blinds Stripe-DLX-00/01 window film roll, elegantly priced starting at £450 for a professional-grade roll measuring 152.4 cm in width, accompanied by complimentary delivery to any destination within the United Kingdom.Added Install..
Ex Tax:£436.00
Model: DLX-00/01, White Stripes 10 mm
Order Striped Window Film - 10mm DLX 01/01Uncover the refined sophistication of our 10mm Striped Window Film, now offered through our online platform. With every order, we provide free installation accessories and solution as an exclusive perk. This ornamental film is adorned with narrow, matte stri..
Ex Tax:£33.90
Model: White Stripes 45mm, DLX-00/12
Striped Window Film DLX 00/12, 45mmDelve into our digital array and select our 45mm Striped Window Film, distinguished by its unique 10mm transparent spacing. Characterised by broad, matte bands, it serves as a multifunctional choice for enhancing both privacy and glass aesthetics. Relish the benefi..
Ex Tax:£33.90
Model: White Stripes 45mm, DLX-00/12 ROLL 1,52x30,5m
White Stripes 45mm, DLX-00/12 ROLL 1,52x30,5m..
Ex Tax:£485.00
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