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Small Kit-Free Glass Tinting Tool
Small Kit-Free Glass Tinting Tool
Small Kit-Free Glass Tinting Tool
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Cut to Size or running meters
Choose the option convenient for you
Free squeegee or tool
Add to each order as a bonus
Mounting concentrate for free
To install film without bubbles

Small Kit for Window Film Installation

Such a kit for glass tinting we add to orders with a small amount of window film. This allows for the application of the window film on glass when making smaller orders in our online store.

The kit includes

  • 3M Gold Squeegee - for smoothing out window film
  • Window Film Installation Concentrate. This volume needs to be added to water (2-3 litres of water) to make an installation solution. Using the installation solution will allow for the installation of window film without air bubbles and creases. This is not glue!

When placing larger orders in our online store, a larger glass tinting tool kit is added to the order.

Learn more about window film prices in the window film price section and the full range of tools offered by our online store can be found in the window film tools section.

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