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Sandblast film for glass

Sandblast window film

We offer sandblasting films for windows, available by the running metre or cut to size. Our service includes delivery across the UK. These coverings replicate the effect of sandblasted glass but are easier to apply and more cost-effective. They provide an efficient solution for privacy and protection from unwanted attention.

Understanding sandblast window film

To comprehend what sandblast window film is, let's first explore sandblasted glass. In workshops or during production, transparent glass is placed in a specialised chamber. A machine designed for this purpose blasts the glass with a stream of air carrying sand or other abrasive particles. This process etches the glass surface, creating a slightly rough, frosted appearance.

Sandblast film for windows mimics this effect. These coverings are matte and possess a subtle roughness, resembling the finish of sandblasted glass.

The degree of matte effect and the depth of roughness (or grain) vary between different sandblast films. This variation is dependent on the covering's material thickness—the thicker the covering, the more pronounced its textured appearance.

Advantages of Sandblast Window Film

  • Allows natural sunlight to filter through from both sides.
  • Exhibits a subtle rough texture.
  • Effectively obscures visibility, providing privacy from outside observation in both directions.
  • Produces a consistent and predictable effect.
  • Offers a more economical option compared to the cost of producing sandblasted glass.
  • Easy and convenient to install directly at the site, eliminating the need to transport glass to a workshop or factory.

Can be removed without damaging the glass surface, allowing for easy replacement at any time.

We offer the following options sandblast film for glass

Please refer to the cut frosted film section for details on custom sizing. Sandblast film for glass falls under the category of frosted films for glass. Characterised by a slight roughness and greater thickness, these coverings are typically more expensive. Their use, akin to etched window film, often reflects traditional preferences. These coverings have effectively supplanted complex technological processes, offering significant cost savings.

Wide Applications of Sandblast Film

  • On glass doors.
  • In bathrooms.
  • On shower room and changing room glass.
  • On glass partitions in offices and other public spaces.

Installation Tips for Sandblast Film on Glass

The covering includes an adhesive layer, but the use of a mounting solution is recommended. This approach helps prevent air bubble formation and eases the installation process.

Exploring Other Options: frosted vinyl window films

For those finding it challenging to select a suitable sandblast window film, exploring our range of frosted window films might be beneficial. This section provides a gradation of matte privacy coverings and descriptions of their properties.

Model: Kpmf frost film silver 51112
KPMF 51112-Frost film-Silver texturedThe KPMF 51112 Frosted Film emerges as an enchanting choice, delicately infused with a light silver tint. Its visual allure is captivating, presenting an exterior that not only draws the eye but also masterfully replicates the sophisticated appearance of frosted ..
Ex Tax:£33.60
Model: FG-402 Sandblast Film
Sandblast Film FG-402Sandblast Film FG-402 - select and purchase online - enhance your space with custom-cut sandblast film, complete with complimentary tools and Installation solution. Revolutionise your glass and window decorations with a perfect blend of privacy and aesthetic appeal.Now available..
Ex Tax:£29.59
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