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Buy window film

Buy window film - receive free tool and installation solution. A variety of 90 film models differing in colour and texture. Choose from the most comprehensive assortment with the option to purchase and have it delivered within the UK

A Truly Rewarding Experience for Our Customers: 

  • A diverse range to cater to various tastes 
  • Precision CNC cut - have it tailored to your dimensions
  • Complimentary mounting concentrate 
  • Free tool kit included with every order

We offer a professional range and the convenience of acquiring covering in a user-friendly manner: Purchase covering with tinting of various shades.

  • Varied intensity 
  • Glass coverings for different purposes and applications
  • Diverse textures 

Delve into the product descriptions, browse through authentic images in the product listings and make your purchase. We offer tinting films for sale, suitable for both DIY installations and professional applications.

Free Cutting to Customer Specifications: 

The option to order custom cut film tailored to personal dimensions in centimetres is readily available. You'll receive pieces that are ready for installation. Boasting an expansive selection of glass tints suitable for any occasion, our company website is your go-to destination. For help in making a decision or if more information is needed, the glass film section is there for your reference.

Explore Films of Various Types: 

Choose and purchase glass films of different types, explore special sections on our website: 

Professional Films at Honest Prices: 

All prices for our coverings are accurate with no hidden charges, all costs are inclusive. Discover the cost of the tint without any need for registration and make your purchase right away!!! Purchase options are straightforward and transparent, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our customers.

Excellent Selection of Tints at Great Prices:

The price of window film starts at a base rate of 24 Pounds, refer to the product listings for precise prices of each film.

Where Can I Acquire Window Tint?

Solaris 979 offers a diverse range and a convenient platform for window film buy opportunities at the best prices. Our window tint shop provides tints and tools for installation. Additional perks include:

Only Top-Quality Products!! Our coverings do not bubble, delaminate, and will last for the promised duration. All images in the product listings are genuine and accurately represent the tints you are purchasing. We offer delivery to any location within the UK.

Discover Window Tint Prices Without Registration Before Purchase:

Choose the tint you desire, enter the dimensions in centimetres along with the quantity of pieces needed. Hit ADD TO BASKET. As you move forward to the basket, the total cost of the window film including delivery will be displayed.

This seamless process makes it straightforward to buy window film UK and have it conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Explore the array of options available, ensuring you find the perfect covering to meet your needs whilst enjoying the hassle-free online shopping experience

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