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FG-ICE-Etched film
FG-ICE-Etched film
FG-ICE-Etched film
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FG-ICE-Etched White film - choose and order

Transform your window panes with our exclusive FG-ICE-Etched White Film, meticulously crafted to meet your specific preferences. This exclusive offer features a bonus toolkit and an intuitive installation process. Seize this opportunity to adorn your windows with our exquisite faux etched glass film, available for purchase through our digital storefront, complete with reliable FedEx delivery throughout the UK.

Our FG-ICE-Etched Film presents an exquisite substitute for conventional etching techniques, providing the elegance of frosted glass at a fraction of the cost and effort. Ideal for enhancing privacy while still allowing ample daylight to permeate.

Key Attributes of the FG-ICE-Etched White Film:

  • Exhibits a delicate grey tone with a refined matte finish, emulating the classic etched glass aesthetic.
  • Crafted to subtly increase privacy while preserving the glass's transparency and brightness.
  • Features a straightforward, peel-and-stick application process, ensuring ease of use.
  • Offers a consistently smooth and matte surface, closely resembling authentic etched glass. Achieve optimal results by employing the included wet mounting method and tools.

Unveil the unique traits of etched glass window films and their distinguishing features. 

Additional Selections:

Dive into our diverse array of window films, including the FG-ICE-Etched Film, all showcasing exquisite etched glass patterns in our catalogue. Each variant is expertly designed, merging visual charm with functionality, ensuring you find the perfect complement for your glass décor needs. 

These films, especially our FG-ICE-Etched Film, provide a clever way to achieve the upscale look of etched glass in various environments. 

Belonging to the category of privacy window films for glass, these products are an effective means to safeguard against intrusive views in multiple settings.

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