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FG-K-300 -intense frost
FG-K-300 -intense frost
FG-K-300 -intense frost
FG-K-300 -intense frost
FG-K-300 -intense frost
FG-K-300 -intense frost
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  • Model: FG-K/300-Axel Graphics-intense frost
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FG-K-300 -intense frost - the most dense frost film for glass and windows

Buy intense frost effect glass film FG-K-300 - free cutting to customer's size + get a free tool and mounting concentrate. We offer to choose and order frost film of the highest density. 

Film FG-K-300 creates the effect of privacy, removes visibility in both directions and preserves the passage of light in both directions.

All photos are real and fully correspond to the proposed product. In the photographs it is this film, but in different situations and under different lighting.

FG-K-300 film properties

  • Properties - creates the densest frost effect from the entire range of our online store.
  • Features - transmits light and maintains the effect of privacy regardless of the time of day and lighting direction.
  • Color - gray
  • Texture – smooth frost film
  • Istallation way - wet, with mounting solution

Other Frost Effect Films

  • FG-K/302 - frost film standard density and color.
  • FG-K/300 BF - frost film with air channels in the adhesive layer Bubble free (film for dry installation). 
  • DLX-01/01- White frosted window film

More information about comparative properties can be found on the page frost window film for glass.

Other films with a similar effect

If it's hard to choose, see section frosted glass privacy window film and more information about frosted film for windows and glass.

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