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FG-K-300 BF Bubble free intense frosted film
FG-K-300 BF Bubble free intense frosted film
FG-K-300 BF Bubble free intense frosted film
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  • Model: FG-K-300 BF Bubble free
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FG-K-300 BF Bubble free intense frosted film

Embark on an Exciting Venture with Our Elite Privacy Solution: The advanced frosty glass film FG-K-300 BF (Bubble-Free), crafted for effortless, dry application. Complimentary customisation service available. Expansive shipping across the UK and beyond.

Key Features of the FG-K-300 Bubble-Free Film: This superior frosted window film stands out in its category, boasting innovative narrow channels in its adhesive layer that simplify the dry installation process. These channels allow air to escape, effectively preventing bubble and wrinkle formation.

  • FG-K-300 Bubble-Free Film - Experience the Ultimate in Frosty Glass Effect
  • Installation Method - Dry. Choose FG-K-300 for traditional wet installation. Both versions offer the same frosty look with different application techniques.
  • Clarity - Allows light passage while obscuring images, ensuring premium privacy.
  • Colour - Sophisticated Grey

Explore Our Range of Frosted Glass Film Options:

  • FG-K/302 - Gentle Frosted Effect Film in Soft Light Grey
  • FG-K/300 - Deep Intense Frosted Window Film
  • DLX-01/01 - Classic White Frosted Window Film 

The FG-K-300 bubble-free film is renowned for its unparalleled privacy protection. For more details, visit our window frosting film UK website. Benefit from our Comprehensive Service Offerings for Various Window Film Needs. Enjoy free tools, installation mixture, and the option to order custom-sized frosted films at Your Convenience.

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