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Window tint tool kit

Window tint tool kit

Brand: 3M Model: Gold Rakel 3M
Squeegee 3M Gold PA1-GThe 3M Gold PA1-G Squeegee, an exceptional creation, is moulded from a supple and pliant polymer of high quality. This tool is exceptionally tailored for the delicate and efficient handling of various self-adhesive vinyl types, guaranteeing a precise and snug application across..
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Model: Free Tool kit
Large Set of Tools for Window Film InstallationWhen purchasing window film in our online store, for orders with a large amount of window film details, we add a large set of tools for window tinting.We strive to offer our customers the most convenient service. More details can be found in the section..
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Brand: Lil-Chizler Model: Lil-Chizler -Tint tools
Lil-Chizler scraperWe offer the Lil-Chizler Scraper for online purchase, a universal scraper ideal for working with film coatings and more. This tool offers numerous possibilities when working with films and vinyl coatings.Description of the Lil-Chizler ScraperThe Lil-Chizler is crafted from Teflon,..
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Model: Microfiber dust-free montage Cloth
Microfiber Dust-Free Montage Explore the unparalleled utility of the Microfiber Dust-Free Montage Cloth, a game-changer in the realm of window film installation. This innovative, reusable cloth is a key player in the crucial final steps of the installation process to Install self-adhesive windo..
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Brand: Olfa Model: Olfa knife 30-degree blade
Olfa knife 30-degree bladeThe OLFA knife with a 30-degree blade, from OLFA, a renowned name in the tool industry, offers a professional-grade knife designed for a multitude of tasks. This is not your average knife; it represents a blend of innovation and practicality, appealing to both professionals..
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Brand: Olfa Model: OLFA blades 45°, 50 pack
OLFA Snap-off stainless steel replacement blades 45°, 50 pack..
Ex Tax:£28.00
Brand: Armolan Model: Pro Sweegee Blade
Pro Sweegee Blade..
Ex Tax:£7.50
Model: Small Kit-Free
Small Kit for Window Film InstallationSuch a kit for glass tinting we add to orders with a small amount of window film. This allows for the application of the window film on glass when making smaller orders in our online store.The kit includes3M Gold Squeegee - for smoothing out window filmWindow Fi..
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Brand: Blue Max Model: The Blue Max tools
The Blue Max SqueegeeExplore Our Range and Buy The Blue Max Squeegee Tools - a vital asset for both professional and DIY aficionados in the realms of window tinting and vinyl application. Constructed from superior quality materials, this squeegee is designed to deliver unparalleled precision and opt..
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Model: Tool 5 way
Tool 5 way for window film installation..
Ex Tax:£3.70
Model: Tool kit
Tool kit for flat glass window film installation..
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Brand: Triumh Model: Triumph MK2 -Tint tools
Triumph MK-II ScraperPurchase the essential and practically irreplaceable Triumph MK-II Scraper, an ideal tool for window film installation. This Scraper enables quick and high-quality cleaning of glass before the application of window film.What is the Triumph MK-II Scraper?Essentially, the Triumph ..
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Model: Soft Rubber blades 1m
Unger Pro -Replacement Soft Rubber blades 1m..
Ex Tax:£17.00
Model: Unger -Cleaning Tractor
Unger Pro Window Cleaning Tractor..
Ex Tax:£18.00
Model: Wooden handle Sweegee CLASSIc
Wooden Handle Squeegee CLASSICDiscover the robust and reliable Wooden Handle Squeegee CLASSIC, a substantial polyurethane squeegee equipped with a wooden handle. This tool is essential for professionals in the window tinting industry, providing a smooth and even application of window tint films and ..
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