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2 way mirror window film

Two-Way Mirror Window Film: 

We present a selection of two-way mirror window films available in either silver or bronze tints. This exposition provides a detailed exploration of the characteristics and applications of these films, accompanied by real-world examples and genuine photographs.

Understanding the Nomenclature: Why "Two-Way Mirror Film"?

Upon handling an unattached piece of the two-way mirror window film, one observes a mirror effect on both sides. It imparts the impression that the material facilitates a bidirectional reflective effect on windows, which is indeed the defining trait of these products. When not affixed to a window, they reflect from both sides.

Depending on the metallic components used in their composition, the films can display diverse tints, including:

  • Pure silver with a reflective sheen.
  • Mirrored finish with a black tint.
  • Clear mirror reflection.

In our collection, we offer multiple shades: the silver-hued double-sided reflective films and their bronze counterparts. While both variants provide a two-sided mirror effect, their external appearances differ in terms of colour.

Two-Way Mirror Films: A Spectrum from the Darkest to the Lightest

A fundamental metric to consider is the VLT (Visible Light Transmittance), which is given as a percentage. A higher VLT percentage indicates a lesser amount of light permeating through the tinting. Consequently, with a higher VLT, interiors become darker, yet the mirror effect is considerably amplified. We offer coverings at three distinct opacity levels:

  • Highly opaque two-way mirror films, seldom employed, with a VLT of 10%.
  • Popular choices with a VLT of 20%.
  • Light, semi-mirrored films with a VLT of 35%.

The location of the film installation - either exterior or interior - does not affect its performance. Instead, the efficacy is contingent upon the light's intensity and orientation. The choice of film placement is largely a matter of individual preference and convenience.

Tinting Solutions for External Use, we offer:

  • Omg 20 Ex - a film featuring a 20% Visible Light Transmittance
  • Omg 30 Ex - a luminous reflective tint.
  • Bronze AT 20 Ex - a bronze dual-sided reflective covering boasting a 20% VLT.

Our full range can be perused in the mirror window films section of our website.

Tinting Solutions for Internal Use

  • Omg 20% - a silver two-way mirror film.
  • Omg 35% - another variant of the silver tint.
  • Omg 10 - the most opaque film rendering a double-sided reflective effect.

Two-Way Mirror Window Film and Light Orientation

Based on how light hits and from which angle, the two-way mirror window film can display three unique reactions.

  1. If outdoor lighting is more pronounced than indoor, the two-way mirror films appear mirrored to external observers, but remain transparent for those indoors.
  2. Conversely, when indoor lighting surpasses outdoor illumination (for instance, during evening hours), the two-way mirror films become reflective for those inside while appearing transparent from the outside.
  3. In the rare event of an equilibrium in lighting intensity from both sides, the two-way mirror films retain their reflective quality. Such conditions are more feasible under laboratory settings.

Addendum to Two-Way Mirror Tint

To address the limitations of the two-way mirror tint in low light, many turn to blinds or curtains. It's a necessary adjustment due to the inherent nature of the two-way privacy film. This trait is consistent across all brands, and as of now, there's no other solution.

This effect closely mirrors (pun intended) the properties of one-way mirror films for windows. Understanding this similarity can aid in discerning the optimal use of these covering types.For more details on films with comparable features, consult our section on 2-way mirror films.

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