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Buy frosted window film and elevate your space with our premium offerings, now available with a complimentary tool kit and installation solution. Our collection boasts an impressive variety of 10 distinct colours and textures, ensuring the highest quality and most extensive range on the market. Explore the diverse colour options of frosted window covering we offer.

Our Commitment to UK and Global Customers

  • A spectrum of colour choices
  • Various intensity levels
  • Multiple textures Authentic product images on our website accurately represent our high-quality offerings. We provide window film suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and professional installers.

Window Covering: Tailored to Your Needs

Experience our comprehensive service. We offer custom-sized, matte-finish tinting, cut to your specifications at no extra cost. Visit our website's frosted window film cut to size section for more details.

Buy frosted window film in the form of pre-cut pieces

Our popular selections include:

  • FG-K/302: This vinyl film is distinguished by its translucent finish, a contemporary feature sought after in modern architectural applications. Its aesthetic appeal is enhanced by this quality, offering both privacy and light diffusion.
  • FG-K/300: This film emerges as a prominent choice within our assortment due to its frosted texture. It effectively balances light transmission with privacy, making it a versatile option for various settings.
  • FG-K/300 BF: This variant of frosted film is engineered to be 'bubble-free', facilitating a seamless and efficient dry installation process. Its innovative composition eliminates the common issue of air entrapment, ensuring a smooth surface finish.
  • FG-51131-Gold: This film introduces an element of subtle opulence with its light golden hue. It is designed to impart a luxurious ambiance while maintaining the functional attributes of privacy and light filtration.
  • KPMF 51112: Unique in its composition, this glass coating is characterized by a slight rough texture. This textural variation not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also contributes to its tactile qualities.
  • DLX-01/01: Designed for those prioritizing privacy, this smooth film offers an effective solution. It maintains a high level of opacity while still allowing for natural light penetration, ideal for spaces requiring both seclusion and illumination.

Our range exclusively features professional-grade films with long-lasting durability. They are easy to install, do not fade, and are peel-resistant.

  • Transparent pricing, with all costs included
  • No hidden charges
  • Real-time website stock reflects warehouse availability

Prices start from £5 per piece, with a base price of £24 per square meter. Check out specific prices for each film model. For more detailed information on properties, visit our frosting film for windows section.

Where to Buy Frosted Window Film 

Our website is designed to be highly accessible and efficient, offering an extensive selection of frosted window coverings. This digital platform facilitates the selection, ordering, and purchasing process, providing competitive pricing and diverse delivery options throughout the UK and EU. For a comprehensive range of films and necessary installation tools, please refer to our shop window film section.

Included with every order are:

We ensure the authenticity of all product images displayed on our website, accurately depicting the appearance of the films both pre and post-installation. Customers are afforded the flexibility to choose their preferred payment method. For guidance in making an informed selection, our frosting film for glass section offers an extensive categorization and thorough description of our products.

Model: FG- Clear bubble textured film
Buy Clear bubble textured film-3D bubble pattern filmFG Clear bubble textured film - choose and buy a decorative privacy film with a pattern. Free cutting to customer's size. Semitransparent Clear bubble textured film. Film with a pattern. An interesting solution for protection from prying eyes..
Ex Tax:£37.40
Model: FG-K-300 BF -Bubble free intense frost film
FG-K-300 BF Bubble free intense frosted film for dry installationBuy intense frost effect glass film FG-K-300 BF (Bubble free) - for dry installation. Free cutting according to the client's size. Delivery anywhere in the UK and beyond. The film has channels in the adhesive layer for easy and qu..
Ex Tax:£32.00
Model: FG-K-302 frosted effect films Axel Graphics
FG-K-302 -choose and buy frosted effect vinyl window filmBuy Frosted effect films + tool and mounting concentrate as a gift. Free cutting to customer's size. FG-K-302 is the most popular frosted effect window film. Delivery anywhere in the UK. The largest selection and most complete service of windo..
Ex Tax:£29.75
Model: Kpmf 51112-Sanblast film silver-tex
KPMF 51112-Sanblast film silver colorBuy KPMF 51112 — Sanblast film silver color with a pleasant grain texture. This film can be ordered online in ready-to-install parts according to the individual dimensions of the customer. Delivery anywhere in the UK and beyond.This film is usedThe manufacturer a..
Ex Tax:£33.60
Model: White Frosted film-101 cm x 1m DLX-01/01
White Frosted film -width 101cmx1m White Frosted film DLX-01/01 has a white and gray matte shade. Frosted film -width 101 cm -running meter. It transmits light very well, removes visibility, as well as makes the glass matte and nontransparent. Frosting film for windows ..
Ex Tax:£12.68
Model: White Frosted film-50 cm x1m DLX-01/01
White Frosted glass window films DLX-01/01 -width 50 cmx1m White Frosted window film DLX-01/01 -width 50 cm -running meter. It transmits light very well, removes visibility, as well as makes the glass matte and nontransparent. WhiteFrosting film for windows Kraft Films ..
Ex Tax:£6.06
Model: White Frosted film-76 cm x1m DLX-01/01
Frosted glass window films -width 101cmx1m Frosted film -width 76 cm -running meter. Frosted window film DLX-01/01 has a white and gray matte shade.  It transmits light very well, removes visibility, as well as makes the glass matte and nontransparent. Frosting film for windows&n..
Ex Tax:£9.03
Model: White frosted window film -DLX-01/01-Cut to size
Buy white frosted window film onlineWhite frosted window film DLX-01/01 has a white color and creates a frost effect. It transmits light very well, removes visibility and makes the glass opaque in both directions. Buy Kraft Films DLX-01/01 if you want to get a neutral white frost film. This fil..
Ex Tax:£27.97
Model: White Matte DLX-01/01 ROLL 1,52x30,5m
White Matte Roll DLX-01/01-152 cm x30,5m..
Ex Tax:£430.00
Model: White Matte -DLX-01/01-White privacy films for glass and windows
White privacy films for glass surfaces and windows White privacy films for windows DLX-01/01 -Cut to size has a white and gray matte shade. It transmits light very well, removes visibility, as well as makes the glass matte and nontransparent. White privacy film Kraft Films DLX-01/01W ..
Ex Tax:£27.97
Model: White-White Matte DLX-01/01 ROLL 1,52x30,5m
White-White Matte DLX-01/01 ROLL 1,52x30,5m..
Ex Tax:£430.00
Model: White-White Matte DLX-01/01W Kraftfilms
White matte window film Kraft Films DLX-01/01WThe thick white matte window Kraft Films 01/01W removes visibility through the glass and creates a beautiful uniform milky-white effect. It dissipates light and protects from prying eyes perfectly. We offer white matte window films measured in running me..
Ex Tax:£29.41
Model: FG-ICE-Etched-white tone
FG-ICE-Etch glass effect film (white tone) - choose and orderBuy FG-ICE-Etched film white tone - free cutting to customer's size + mounting solution and tool as a gift. Delivery anywhere in the UK and beyond. The film protects from prying eyes and increases the level of privacy.Feature of FG-ICE-Etc..
Ex Tax:£31.00
Model: FG-402-Sanblast film -Axel Graphics
Sandblast film FG-402 for privacy and glass and window decorationBuy Sandblast film FG-402 - free cutting according to the customer's size, + tool and mounting solution as a gift. FG-402 - privacy film with Sandblast glass properties - shipping anywhere in the UK and beyond.FeatureFG-402 - Neutral g..
Ex Tax:£29.59
Model: FG-K/300-Axel Graphics-intense frost
FG-K-300 -intense frost - the most dense frost film for glass and windowsBuy intense frost effect glass film FG-K-300 - free cutting to customer's size + get a free tool and mounting concentrate. We offer to choose and order frost film of the highest density. Film FG-K-300 creates the effect of..
Ex Tax:£29.59
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