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Benefit - free of charge installation tools in each order

We add a set of tools for installation of the purchased film to each order. The components of the set depend on the size of the order.

The tools for installation of window films are specific and cannot be bought in ordinary stores. For sure, you can find something similar by trial and error, but it will take a lot of time.

Small orders 

A special installation tool is added to all orders under £ 89:

  • A 10 cm spreading knife for removing the mortar and smoothing the film;
  • Mounting mortar concentrate - standard volume.

Large orders

If the order is £ 90 or more, a large set of film Installation tools will be added to the order automatically. 

  • Mounting mortar concentrate - triple volume;
  • A 15 cm spreading knife with a handle - it does not scratch the film, allows you to expel the assembly solution and distribute the film over the glass evenly. The spreading knife makes the work with large details easy and comfortable.
  • A small 10 cm spreading knife;
  • Three blades and a holder for safe glass grinding.
  • A knife with a thin blade for additional cutting of the film (just in case).

We add a free of charge piece of window film to each order. The additional piece is a great opportunity to practice before installing the ordered details.  

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