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Frosted window film for front door

Frosted window film for front door

Frosted window films make the glass surface of entrance doors non-transparent, transmit natural daylight and do not create any nuisance. The front door with a film is easier to open and close compared to a front door with curtains or blinds.

The properties of frosted films are similar to the properties of frosted glass. The films are non-transparent day and night, but transmit 80 per cent of natural daylight. As a rule, the installation of frosted films is easier and more profitable than changing the glass surfaces of the front door.


The most obvious advantages of using matte films on entrance doors:

  • They cover the glass surface and do not create any nuisance when opening and closing the entrance door;
  • They do not require special care or prevention;
  • Their life-span is more than ten years;
  • They are easy to install and easy to remove;
  • Moisture and dampness do not harm them.

Disadvantages of frosted films for front doors:

Any frosted film makes the glass of the front door non-transparent day and night - the same effect in both directions. You can not see from the inside what is going on outside the door. Some people do not like this feature due to security concerns.

We offer the following solutions:
  1. Cover the glass surface and cut a narrow (1 to 2 cm) strip at eye level. This will allow you to see what is happening outside the door. You will need to come close to the door. To look inside, a person needs to come close to the door too. 
  2. Leave a narrow (2 to 3 cm) transparent edge. The surface will become more attractive and interesting. Order a frosted window film cut to size and get ready to install details.  
  3. Choose a matte film with transparent blocks (for example, stripes or squares);
  4. One-way mirror films are used on entrance doors too. Attention! These films create the desired effect only during the day. Please consider if these films are suitable for you.

The following frosted films are recommended for glass front doors:

Frosted patterned films:

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