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White frosted film

White frosted window film

White frosted window film to choose and order online + mounting concentrate and tool as a gift. White frosted film for glass to protect against prying eyes. Delivery anywhere in the UK and beyond.

White frosted film for glass - the most dense film

These are privacy films and belong to the frosted films category. These films provide the highest level of privacy. In other words, these are the densest frost films from our entire range, the most impenetrable

What to select?

You can choose white frosted film from the entire range and order

White frosted film for glass has an adhesive layer and is classified as self-adhesive frosted film. Easy to install with a mounting solution and a special tool.

Neutral white color

These films are white. The color depends very much on the color of the glass itself. In our experience, white frosted film creates a neutral white tint on glass.

We offer the opportunity to order a film cut to your size. See section of our site cut to size frosted window film. Get parts ready to install, no scraps.

It is this film in the photographs. This film is presented in the product card in a variety of versions.

If you want a milky white color, choose DLX-01-01W -White-white matt film

When to select white frosted window film

Customers choose if they want to get the maximum effect of frost and white film. White frosted film blurs visibility very well, even in the daytime the maximum that is visible is hardly recognizable silhouettes.

If a lighter film thickness is required, see section frosted window film the range. We are sure you will find the best option.

We offer films with a less dense structure

We add to every order

Model: DLX-01/01 White Privacy Films
DLX-01/01 White Privacy FilmsWe invite you to select and purchase online the DLX-01/01 White Privacy Films for glass tinting. Introducing DLX-01/01 White Privacy Films: A perfect blend of elegance and functionality, these expertly crafted window films transform your living and working spaces by merg..
Ex Tax:£27.97
Model: Milk-White DLX-01-01W Film
DLX-01-01W Milk Frosted FilmWelcome to the sophisticated realm of the DLX-01-01W Milk Frosted Film, an exquisite addition to our distinguished window dressing anthology. Bask in the delicate, moonlit hue of this film, a testament to the zenith of frosted glass finesse.Luxuriously Crafted for Eleganc..
Ex Tax:£29.41
Model: DLX-01/01W ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Order Roll of Milk-White DLX-01-01WEmbark on a journey of elegance and exclusivity with the elite Milk-White DLX-01-01W Roll, your ultimate choice for transforming glass surfaces into private sanctuaries. Discover this gem within our vast digital collection of window films, where an array of choices..
Ex Tax:£430.00
Model: Milk-White DLX-01-01W
Window film privacy Milk-White DLX-01-01W Presenting the Exquisite Privacy Milk-White DLX-01-01W Window Film: An Epitome of Grace and Peaceful Ambience. Step into the realm of unparalleled elegance with the Privacy Milk-White DLX-01-01W Window Film, a masterpiece crafted for the discerning indi..
Ex Tax:£29.41
Model: White film DLX-01/01
White Frosted Window Film DLX-01/01Elevate your space with the White Frosted Window Film DLX-01/01 from Kraft Films – your ultimate choice for redefining elegance and privacy. Immerse yourself in the sophistication of our DLX-01/01, a testament to luxury, where the allure of privacy harmonises with ..
Ex Tax:£27.97
Model: White Frosted film-101 cm x 1m DLX-01/01
White Film DLX-01/01 - Width: 101 cm Meet the DLX-01/01 White Frosted Film - 101 cm wide. This film mixes a soft white colour to get the perfect balance between light and private space.If you like to stand out, the DLX-01/01W type is for you. You can trust that what you see is top-notch, matchi..
Ex Tax:£12.68
Model: White Frosted film-50 cm x1m DLX-01/01
White Window Film DLX-01/01 width 50 cmThe DLX-01/01 White Frosted Window Film, elegantly spanning 50 cm in width, is ideally suited for glass surfaces smaller than 50 centimetres. This width makes it a perfect match for more petite window dimensions. The DLX-01/01 stands as a versatile window ..
Ex Tax:£6.06
Model: White Frosted film-76 cm x1m DLX-01/01
Select White Film DLX-01/01 width 76 cmStep into a world where functionality meets flair with our premium White Film DLX-01/01 width 76 cm. Available in a versatile width of 76 cm, this film is an impeccable choice for various applications. Offering lengths from a minimal 10cm to an expansive 30 met..
Ex Tax:£9.03
Model: White Matte DLX-01/01 ROLL 1,52x30,5m
White Matte Privacy Film Roll DLX-01/01Seeking an exceptional solution for your privacy or decorative needs? Explore our premium White Matte Privacy Film Roll DLX-01/01, available for purchase online. Enjoy the convenience of complimentary FedEx shipping to any UK destination.Perfectly suited for pr..
Ex Tax:£430.00
White Frosted film-152.4 cm x1m DLX-01/01 White Frosted film-152.4 cm x1m DLX-01/01
Model: White Frosted film-152.4 cm x1m
DLX-01/01 Window Film in a professional width of 152.4 cm The DLX-01/01 White Frosted Film is readily accessible through online sources, boasting an ample width of 152.4 cm. This product exhibits an impressive capability by harmonizing light management and privacy assurance. Furthermore, it sho..
Ex Tax:£16.97
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