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FG-EC-Etched clear-matt
FG-EC-Etched clear-matt
FG-EC-Etched clear-matt
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FG-Etched Clear matt - etched glass effect film

Order FG-EC-Etched clear-matt film. Free cutting according to the client's size + mounting solution and tool as a gift. The film imitates Etched glass with a matte effect. Delivery anywhere in the UK and beyond.

The main feature - the film allows you to get glass with the properties of etched glass, but avoid the complex process of chemical processing.

This film creates a subtle blur and privacy effect. Using a film is more profitable, cheaper and easier than replacing glass. The film can always be replaced or simply removed.

Film properties

  • Color – light gray (neutral), matt
  • Privacy efeect - very light mist. The film is quite light.
  • Self-Adhesive - The film has an adhesive layer. Before installation, carefully remove the protective paper layer.
  • Texture - absolutely smooth, matte (outwardly it completely repeats etched glass)
  • Installation method – wet. Mounting mortar and tool must be used

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