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UV window film

UV Films for Windows

UV films for windows are coatings designed specifically for glass surfaces, offering protection from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, sunlight, and heat. They deflect up to 99% of UV rays and significantly reduce the sun's impact. UV films for windows shield furniture and other indoor items from fading. Moreover, protection window film plays a crucial role in safeguarding human health, particularly our skin

Choose from our range of films for glass, including protection window film, designed to offer varying levels of UV radiation protection. From transparent UV protection window films to those providing complete shielding, we stock films guaranteeing unparalleled results

Introducing UV Protection Window Film

We have had the privilege of installing tinting for museums and commercial properties across the country for a wide range of clients. This experience has allowed us to witness first-hand the capabilities and effects of UV protection films for windows and glass. We're eager to share our insights and guide you in making the best selection.

What Causes Fading?

Undoubtedly, discolouration or fading of furniture and interior items can occur for various reasons. Over the past decade, our understanding has expanded, and experience has taught us the primary culprits:

  1. Ultraviolet (UV) rays deteriorate the dyes and pigments in furniture and fabrics, leading to fading.
  2. Direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight through window or glass
  3. Heat: Extreme temperatures or constant heat exposure can damage finishes and fabrics, causing them to fade or change colour.
  4. Artificial lighting: Some artificial light sources, notably fluorescent bulbs, emit ultraviolet rays which, over time, can contribute to fading. This is particularly evident in clothing stores within shopping malls. Although the merchandise is indoors without any external windows, you can notice streaks of fading on folded garments.
  5. Humidity and dampness: High humidity and fluctuations can accelerate the wear and fade of some materials, especially wood. This can result in white spots on wooden furniture or mould formation on fabrics.
  6. Airborne pollutants: Tobacco smoke, cooking fumes, and other airborne particles can settle on furniture, artworks, gradually causing them to discolour.

From the list above, the first three reasons are directly related to windows and the sources of light and heat - the sun. This is where UV window film can be a game-changer.

The Impact of UV Blocking Window Film

Please refer to the accompanying diagram. It schematically depicts the causes of interior items fading.

  • 40% - UV rays 
  • 5% - Visible Light 
  • 25% - Solar Heat 
  • 10% - Other

This breakdown clearly shows the factors that contribute to fading. We offer our customers an extensive range of UK protection window films for glass. Choose from different colors and levels of tint. 

1. Transparent UV Window Tint 

Protective window film eliminates 99% of ultraviolet radiation.

  • UV-WFB - a transparent UV film, provides protection solely from UV radiation. If you examine the chart, ultraviolet radiation accounts for 40% of all causes. The remaining factors are Visible Light and Solar Heat.

2. UV glass protection films with enhanced performance

We offer film coatings that not only remove 99% of UV radiation but also reduce sunlight exposure and reflect solar heat:

  1. Super UV 100 - a sophisticated and effective UV window tint.
  2. Omg 20 - protects against 99% of UV radiation, diminishes light by 75% and reflects solar heat by 85%. Refers to the category of mirror films
  3. Omg 35 - UV window tint that shields against 99% of UV radiation, reduces light by 65% and reflects solar heat by 75%.

Exploring the realm of UV films, one cannot overlook the convenience of self-adhesive options. These self-adhesive films are perfect for any window, offering ease of installation and ensuring that each window is adequately shielded from harmful UV rays.

UV Film for Glass - What Effect Can One Expect from Such Tinting?

Let's draw some conclusions! We've previously discussed the causes behind the fading of objects. Without a doubt, UV radiation is the most prominent cause. In this context, a transparent tint can only address a fraction of the issues. More precisely, the protection stands at approximately 39% against all potential causes.

However, the maximum effect, the most comprehensive protection, can be expected from UV window films that also reduce sunlight and reflect solar heat. This assertion is backed by years of experience and testimonials from our satisfied customers. Find out more about our unique range of window films and our full range of window films.

Protective window film as the most reliable remedy against UV

In the realm of modern architecture and design, the significance of UV films for window protection cannot be overstated. Each film we offer is meticulously crafted to provide maximum protection against harmful UV rays, ensuring that every window retains its clarity and structural integrity. As UV protection becomes increasingly vital in today's environment, selecting the appropriate window film is an essential step towards safeguarding both the aesthetic and functional qualities of your window spaces

Catering to modern needs, our UV films are specifically designed for window protection. Each film enhances the resilience of the glass, ensuring optimal protection against harmful radiation. Selecting the right window film is paramount, and with our variety, your glass will benefit from both aesthetic appeal and enhanced security.

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