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Silver Omg 35%-Semi-Mirror Film
Silver Omg 35%-Semi-Mirror Film
Silver Omg 35%-Semi-Mirror Film
Silver Omg 35%-Semi-Mirror Film
Silver Omg 35%-Semi-Mirror Film
Silver Omg 35%-Semi-Mirror Film
Silver Omg 35%-Semi-Mirror Film
Silver Omg 35%-Semi-Mirror Film
Silver Omg 35%-Semi-Mirror Film
Silver Omg 35%-Semi-Mirror Film
Silver Omg 35%-Semi-Mirror Film
Silver Omg 35%-Semi-Mirror Film
Silver Omg 35%-Semi-Mirror Film
Silver Omg 35%-Semi-Mirror Film
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Omg 35% Semi-Mirror Film

Acquire the Omg 35% Semi-Mirror Film for an unparalleled blend of privacy and comfort in your surroundings. This advanced semi-reflective film is a hallmark of modern innovation, catering to the dual needs of mitigating harsh sunlight and ensuring seclusion.

It boasts a subtle reflective quality that effectively guards your interiors against prying eyes while filtering out a staggering 99% of ultraviolet rays. It's an indispensable addition, particularly for smaller windows, where balancing light control and privacy is vital.

Optimal Applications for Omg 35% Semi-Mirror Film:

  • Ideal for rooms with compact windows, especially those measuring around 1.6 x 1.2 m.
  • Perfect for areas with fewer windows, maximizing each window's functional value.
  • Suitable for settings aiming to lessen solar warmth without compromising on natural illumination.

Superior Heat Reduction and Light Retention:

  • Omega 35 excels in reflecting 60% of solar heat, potentially lowering indoor temperatures by 4-6 degrees, depending on room specifics and the angle of sunlight.
  • Strikes a fine balance between reducing heat and preserving natural light, fostering a cozy and illuminated indoor ambience.

Discover Enhanced Protection Alternatives: For heightened heat defence, consider the Omg 20 mirror film or the Omg 20 EX for outdoor use. Note that these options might reduce the ingress of natural light, a key consideration for spaces with smaller windows. Explore our range of mirror films for glass, available in diverse colours and tints.

Privacy with a One-Way Semi-Reflective Effect:

  • Omega 35 offers a semi-reflective surface for daytime privacy, making it difficult for outsiders to peer in.
  • Keep in mind: At night, the film’s reflective nature reverses. Visit our detailed section for more insights on one-way window films.

Where Omg 35 Stands Out:

  • Fits a variety of settings, including residential, office, educational, commercial, and industrial spaces.
  • Particularly effective for ground-level windows or glass extensions, enhancing privacy.

Effortless Installation - Self-Adhesive Window Tint

Our Omg 35% film, backed with a user-friendly adhesive, ensures a hassle-free installation process. Hidden beneath a clear, thin liner, the adhesive may initially be hard to detect but is present. Achieve a flawless, bubble-free fit by following our guide, available in the self-adhesive window tint film section of our website. Plus, benefit from our complimentary tool kit for a faster, more efficient setup. Adhering to our recommended installation techniques is key for optimal results.

Simple Customisation and Ordering:

  • Order bespoke window films from our site, crafted to your exact specifications.
  • Receive an instant, no-sign-up-required quote by entering your window measurements on our site.

In-Depth Technical Details Omg 35% Semi-Mirror Film:

  • Colour and Reflectivity: Silvery hue with a gentle reflective quality. Light passing through the film adopts a soft blue tint.
  • Solar Energy Reflection: 60%
  • Opacity Level: 75%
  • UV Blocking: 99%
  • Visual Effect: Gentle reflective surface
  • Thickness: 50 microns
  • Protective Layer: 2H
  • Outdoor Installation Compatibility
  • Application Method: Wet application using a mild soap mixture

Guaranteed Visual Authenticity: All product images on our pages are genuine and accurately depict the Omg 35% Semi-Mirror Film. These visuals are compiled from various installations spanning nine years.

Installation and Maintenance Advice: Installation: Suitable for any smooth glass surface. While the film may slightly warm the glass, those sensitive to heat should consider the Omg 30 Ex for outdoor installation. 

Durability and Upkeep: 

Omg 35 is engineered to last at least nine years without colour changes, darkening, or bubbling. Post-adhesive setting (7-14 days), it can be cleaned with standard household cleaners and soft cloths.

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