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Silver Omg 35%
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Silver Omg 35%
Silver Omg 35%
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Silver Omg 35%
Silver Omg 35%
Silver Omg 35%
Silver Omg 35%
Silver Omg 35%
Silver Omg 35%
Silver Omg 35%
Silver Omg 35%
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Semi mirror film Omg 35 % for small windows

Order light mirror film Omg 35 %. This window film protects from hot weather and bright sun, gives a semi mirror effect for protection from prying eyes. Omg 35 blocks out 99 per cent of UV radiation.

This film is usually used on small windows for protection from prying eyes and hot weather and to preserve natural lighting.

This window film is a perfect solution, if:

  • If a room has small windows. For example, 1,6 x 1,2 m or close to these dimensions;
  • If there is a small number of windows in the room;
  • If you need to remove the heat of the sun, but do not want to darken the room.

Removes heat by four to six degrees and preserves natural lighting effectively

Omg 35 reflects 60 per cent of solar heat. The heat is decreased by four to six degrees (depending on the type of the indoor space and the angle of sunlight incidence). This film is a great compromise between heat protection and light preservation. It removes solar heat and does not darken the space.

Perfect choice for small windows. For example, 1,6 x 1,2 m or close to these dimensions.

If you need the most effective protection against hot weather, choose a darker Omg 20% mirror film or Omg 20 EX for outdoor installationPlease note that these films make rooms darker. This effect is especially felt in rooms with small windows.

The use of Omega35 light mirror film allows you to preserve natural light and to remove heat.

Omega 35 is a very popular and effective glass solar film that preserves natural light and protects from the sun.

Semi mirror effect for one way transparency

Omega 35% has semi mirror reflection and is used for protection from prying eyes. This film creates a light mirror reflection that is enough for your privacy - passing by people and neighbours will not understand what is happening inside.

It is important to know! In the evening and at night, one way films reflect in the opposite direction. If the light changes, the direction of visibility changes too. Please check more detailed information about 1 way window films with descriptions and examples.

This film is used for protection from the sun and prying eyes:

  • on windows of apartments, private residences and offices; 
  • on windows of nursery and infant schools, schools and other educational institutions;
  • on windows of industrial, warehouse and commercial buildings;
  • on windows of ground floors and above for protection from neighbors and passing by people;
  • on windows of greenhouses and glass annexes.

Find out the cost without registration and order custom cut window film

It is possible to order ready-to-install details of the required size on our website. 

You can find out the cost of the order without registration. Just indicate the dimensions of necessary details in centimeters and press ADD TO CART. The system will calculate the cost of the order. Please check more detailed information in the custom cut window film section. 

Technical specifications and features

Omega 35 is silver and has a slight mirror reflection. The film does not distort the image, but the light passing through the film gets a slightly bluish tint. 

  • Reflection of solar energy - 60 per cent
  • Blackout - 75 per cent
  • UV protection - 99 per cent
  • Appearance - mirror film for glass with a very soft reflection
  • Thickness - 50 microns
  • Protective coating - 2H
  • For indoor installation
  • Installation technology - wet (using a weak soap solution)

All images of window films displayed in product cards are authentic and completely accurate. These images were collected from our objects over nine years of work and correspond to the goods being sold.


The film can be installed on any smooth glass window surface of any design. The film can heat the glass slightly. If you do not like this side effect, we recommend choosing Omg 35 Ex for outdoor installation.

Lifespan and care of the film

  • As any other film on windows offered by our company, OMG 35 reliably lasts at least nine years.
  • The film does not discolour, darken or bubble.
  • The film can be easily removed or replaced after some time without spoiling the glass surface.
  • The film can be washed using any household chemicals and soft rags after full drying of the adhesive (7 to 14 days after installation). 
  • Please make sure to protect the film from mechanical impact with metal objects and claws of pets.

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