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Pre cut window tint

Precisely cut window tints provide a hassle-free and swift installation experience. With our Pre cut window tint service, over 100 covering varieties are available, ensuring the perfect fit for every customer. We offer tailored cuts based on individual measurements.

Our equipment guarantees a cutting accuracy of 0.1 mm for every running metre, accommodating maximum dimensions of 2.8 metres by 2.8 metres. By choosing our Pre cut window tint option, clients can expect impeccable precision and the finest finish every time.

Core Advantages of our Service:

  • Precision computer-guided film cutting tailored to client specifications with our Pre cut window tint service. 
  • Each order is complemented with an assembly concentrate. 
  • Installation tools for window tinting are included with every order. 
  • Dive into our expansive and verified assortment of cut-to-size window films, tailored to meet specific dimensions and requirements, spanning a variety of functionalities, categories, and hues, all optimised for the pre cut window tint process.

Economic Benefits of Precut Window Tint:

Opting for a pre-cut window tint is both cost-effective and convenient for clients. When films are ordered by running metres and clients manually cut out the required parts, there are inevitable offcuts. Such wastage can account for 30-45% of the total film. With our cut-to-size window films, you receive custom-sized pieces with zero wastage. These pre-cut pieces are 100% ready for installation.

By grouping multiple orders during cutting, each client receives their specific piece, ensuring minimal wastage. Choosing custom cut window films tailored to your dimensions can lead to savings of up to 45%. Additionally, when you opt for pre-cut window tint UK suppliers offer, you not only benefit from exact measurements but also superior quality and easy installation. 

By using the cut-to-size window film approach, not only are sustainable practices promoted, but consumers also receive an efficient and cost-effective solution for their tinting needs. By prioritising precision and customer-specific requirements, the cut-to-size window film industry stands to enhance customer satisfaction. Furthermore, choosing cut-to-size window film methods can significantly contribute to promoting eco-friendly operations, ensuring that consumers get the best while also preserving the environment.

Time-saving with Cut-to-Size Window Films

Leave the intricate task of cutting to us. When a client receives a cut-to-size window film tailored to their dimensions, only a few steps remain:

  • Clean the glass surface.
  • Apply the assembly mortar.
  • Remove the protective layer.
  • Install and smoothen out the film.

Installation of our custom-fit window films is twice as fast and thrice as straightforward compared to traditional methods.

Guidelines for Specifying Precut Window Tint Dimensions:

To ensure optimal fitting, measure the height and width of the glass and select one of three options:

  • Deduct 0.5 cm (5 mm) from each measurement when ordering cut window tint. This leaves a barely noticeable thin frame post-installation, making it easy to install even on slightly curved windows. Highly recommended!
  • Specify exact dimensions without allowances when choosing your pre cut window tint. Although we can cut any size accurately, exact measurements might be challenging due to potential inaccuracies in measuring tools.
  • For utmost precision with your cut window tint, add 3 cm to the actual measurements. Post-installation, trim the excess using a sharp knife for a perfect fit with minimal wastage.

Maximising the dimensions of custom cut window films

Our state-of-the-art machinery facilitates cuts up to 280 x 280 cm. Utilising professional-grade films in rolls of 152.4 cm, any piece wider than 150 cm is crafted from two parts, seamlessly combined upon installation.

Versatile Made-to-Measure Window Films:

We proudly present an extensive collection of tints, tailored to your needs with our cut-to-size window film service

Discover tint film that can be tailored to your requirements, ensuring quick and effortless installation. Simply select a product and specify the desired dimensions.

12 Mil Safety and Protection Film 12 Mil Safety and Protection Film
Out Of Stock
Brand: Kraft Films Model: Safety Window Films 12 Mil - 336 Microns
Safety Film 12 mil (336 microns)Elevate the security of your premises with our state-of-the-art Safety Film 12 mil (336 microns), meticulously crafted to reinforce expansive windows in both residential and commercial spaces. This superior anti-intrusion film serves as a vital safeguard for large win..
Ex Tax:£64.68
Brand: Kraft Films Model: 4 Mil Safety Film
4Mil Safety and Protective FilmElevate your space's safety with the innovative Kraft Films 4Mil Safety and Protective Glass Film, a hallmark of durability at 120 microns. Transforming glass and mirror surfaces into resilient shields, it's ideal for various environments, including offices, homes, and..
Ex Tax:£27.97
Model: Bronze AT 20% EX
Bronze AT 20 Ex -Bronze-External Mirror FilmPresenting the Ex AT 20 Bronze: a masterful blend of aesthetic elegance and advanced engineering, offering robust protection from intense sun exposure. This film, adorned with an elegant bronze lustre, transforms your glass surfaces, seamlessly integrating..
Ex Tax:£34.83
Model: Bronze AT 35 EX
Bronze AT 35 EX -half-reflective light filmsFancy a bronze hue for your windows? We suggest the Bronze AT 35 EX – a light window film designed for external application. It offers ample defense against the sun and its heat. Typically favoured by those seeking subtle protection without excessively dar..
Ex Tax:£34.83
Model: Climatic 9-External
Climatic 9-External..
Ex Tax:£77.21
Model: DLX-01/01 White Privacy Films
DLX-01/01 White Privacy FilmsWe invite you to select and purchase online the DLX-01/01 White Privacy Films for glass tinting. Introducing DLX-01/01 White Privacy Films: A perfect blend of elegance and functionality, these expertly crafted window films transform your living and working spaces by merg..
Ex Tax:£27.97
Model: FG-K-302 frosted effect films
Buy FG-K-302 Frosted Vinyl Window filmElevate your space with the purchase of our Sophisticated Frosted Vinyl Window Film - FG-K-302. This item is a true jewel in our frosted film assortment, offering an elegant touch to any window. Experience the allure of the FG-K-302, a product that transcends th..
Ex Tax:£29.75
Model: Infinity 35 Light Gold
Infinity 35 Light Gold -film with a slight golden tintThe Infinity 35 Light Gold window film graces surfaces with a subtle hint of pale gold. Exceptionally light and remarkably transparent, this film offers a delicate solution for shielding against the sun's rays. The Infinity 35 doesn't impart..
Ex Tax:£39.99
Jubilee 60 Kraftfilms Jubilee 60 Kraftfilms
Hot 2-3 Days
Model: Jubilee 60 Kraftfilms
Jubilee 60% Kraftfilms..
Ex Tax:£43.73
Model: Milk-White DLX-01-01W Film
DLX-01-01W Milk Frosted FilmWelcome to the sophisticated realm of the DLX-01-01W Milk Frosted Film, an exquisite addition to our distinguished window dressing anthology. Bask in the delicate, moonlit hue of this film, a testament to the zenith of frosted glass finesse.Luxuriously Crafted for Eleganc..
Ex Tax:£29.41
Brand: Kraft Films Model: Mirror window film 20% -Omg 20
Film for Mirrored Windows – Omg 20Immerse yourself in the elegance of the Omg 20 Mirror Silver Window Tint Film, epitomising top-tier standards in managing sunlight and ensuring privacy. Renowned for its unmatched proficiency in shielding against prying eyes, harsh sunlight, and enhancing interior c..
Ex Tax:£27.97
Brand: Kraft Films Model: Silver Omg 20
Silver window film Omg 20%Introducing the Omg Silver 20 Window Film, an essential addition to your space for enhancing privacy and managing indoor temperature. This product, with its elegant silver finish, transforms your windows into a reflective shield, offering protection from prying eyes, reduci..
Ex Tax:£27.97
Brand: Kraft Films Model: One-way film-Omg 20
Purchase Omg 20 One-way Mirror Tint FilmPresenting the Omg 20 One-way Tint Film: The Optimal Blend of Light Mastery and Daytime Discretion. Investigate the refined attributes of the Omg 20 One-way Mirror Tint Film. This innovative approach is your solution for preserving private moments during dayli..
Ex Tax:£27.97
Model: Milk-White DLX-01-01W
Window film privacy Milk-White DLX-01-01W Presenting the Exquisite Privacy Milk-White DLX-01-01W Window Film: An Epitome of Grace and Peaceful Ambience. Step into the realm of unparalleled elegance with the Privacy Milk-White DLX-01-01W Window Film, a masterpiece crafted for the discerning indi..
Ex Tax:£29.41
Model: Silver Omg 10 Mirror Film
Omg 10 Super Reflective FilmThe Omg 10 stands out as the most intensely shaded one-way mirror film, offering superior sun-blocking capabilities. Its exceptional mirror-like finish ensures top-tier one-way visibility, making it the premier pick for those in search of the most profound mirror effect i..
Ex Tax:£27.97
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