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Bronze AT 20 EX
Bronze AT 20 EX
Bronze AT 20 EX
Bronze AT 20 EX
Bronze AT 20 EX
Bronze AT 20 EX
Bronze AT 20 EX
Bronze AT 20 EX
Bronze AT 20 EX
Bronze AT 20 EX
Bronze AT 20 EX
Bronze AT 20 EX
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Bronze AT 20 Ex - bronze color external film 20%

Bronze AT 20 Ex is a reflective, one-way visibility sun protection film in bronze hue. Order Cut to size or running meters in widths of 50 cm, 76 cm, 101 cm. Delivery anywhere in the UK and far beyond. 

The film darkens sunlight by 72% and reflects solar heat by 82%. Color - bronze mirror.

Universal film, used as

  • Sun protection - darkens the glass by 75%
  • Solar heat protection
  • Mirror
  • One-way visibility effect
  • UV Protection
  • Self-adhesive - has an adhesive layer and is installed using a mounting solution.
  • Color - bronze

Attention!! All photos are real and 100% match the items offered. The film has all the properties of a reflective film and creates a reflective effect.

According to customer's sizes and running meters of different widths

In this product card, Bronze AT 20 Ex film can be ordered as finished parts. Free cutting to customer's size. Just enter your measurements in centimeters and the number of parts.

This film is available in running meters with a width of 50 cm, 76 cm, 101 cm and 156 cm. We also offer to choose and buy

  • Bronze AT 20 Ex -50 см -width 50 см
  • Bronze AT 20 Ex -76 см -width 76 см
  • Bronze AT 20 Ex -101 см - running meters with width 101 см
  • Bronze AT 20 Ex -152,4 см - running meters with width 152,4 см

One-way visibility sun protection film in bronze color with 20% light transmission for outdoor use.

Protection from sunlight and heat

Bronze AT 20 Ex reflects solar heat by 78% and removes sunlight by 78%. More information about films of this class can be found in the section of the site solar window film.

One-way visibility effect

Bronze AT 20 Ex has the properties window film one way and it is used as a means of protection from prying eyes.

  • Bronz AT 35% EX - light bronze mirror film for installation on windows outside
  • Omg 30% EX - silver light mirror film for outdoor use

For large and medium windows

Usually, this film is chosen for windows of large and medium sizes. For example, 1.8 meters by 1.5 meters or close to these dimensions.

YES! This film can be selected and used on smaller windows. This will be as effective as possible and protect from the bright sun and heat. But, after installation, the room may be too dark. More about it on the page mirror film window

For small windows, lighter films are usually used, for example

You can learn about other films for outdoor installation and their features in the section of our website external window tint film

Technical data Bronze AT 20 Ex

  • Darkening — 75 %
  • Solar energy reflection - 80 %
  • UV Protection - 99 %
  • Scratch resistant coating - 2Н
  • Application - External
  • Installation temprerature – above 5°C
  • Installation method – wet, be sure to use a mounting solution.

Service life and maintenance of Bronze AT 20 Ex bronze film

  1. The service life of this outdoor bronze mirror film is 4 years or more. It all depends on the specific climatic conditions.
  2. Omg 20 Ex does not require special care during its entire service life. 

Attention! Avoid mechanical damage with metal objects, the film has a protective layer but is not resistant to mechanical damage.

It is profitable to order a film from us, we offer

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