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Privacy film cut to size

Made to measure privacy film

Made to Measure Privacy Film: Tailored to Your Needs. Experience our bespoke service, offering an expansive range of window tinting options suited to your preferences. It’s a hassle-free way to get privacy films precisely cut to fit your window dimensions, ensuring the perfect fit with our custom-cut window privacy film.

Custom measure window privacy films:

Select your desired window covering and simply input the measurements. We employ state-of-the-art computerised cutting to ensure precision, accurate to 0.1mm per metre. Our top-selling custom-sized privacy films are available online for delivery throughout the UK.

Why choose us?

Every order of custom-cut window privacy film comes with:

  • A complimentary application concentrate
  • A toolset to empower DIY tint installation
  • An extra piece of tint, allowing you to familiarise yourself with the application process.

Less Waste, More Value

Order your Made to Measure Privacy Film and receive ready-to-install pieces. The absence of offcuts is not only an undeniable advantage but also offers cost savings. Why pay for waste? With us, you only get and pay for what you need!

Precision is Key

Cutting the film requires a certain expertise, and with our bespoke service, this concern is eliminated. You pick the covering; we cut it using advanced plotters. All that's left is for you to apply the tint. It's faster, and importantly, every custom window privacy film piece will have neat edges.

Limitations of Custom-Cut Window Privacy Film

For those seeking custom-sized privacy films, our system accommodates dimensions up to 2.8m by 2.8m. We work with professional-grade window film rolls that span 152.4cm in width. For more expansive requirements, we produce the covering in two segments, which you'll need to match up during installation. For a deeper dive, see our section on pre-cut window tints.

The Realities of Custom-Cut Privacy Window Film 

Let's be transparent about it: 

  • Our custom-cut window privacy film services require additional time. Instead of processing orders one-by-one, we batch them according to tint type. While some popular window tints see frequent handling, others are attended to every three or four days. This means a bit of waiting is in order.
  • For those larger designs, we craft custom-sized privacy films from two sections due to the limitation of a professional roll's 152cm width. If your windows are more expansive, the design will come in these two sections. When applying, it's crucial to position one section before the other, which might produce a slight seam line. It's essential to be aware that delivery services usually have a restriction on items exceeding 160cm in length, making our two-section approach an unavoidable necessity.

While we don't produce window tints ourselves, we expertly cut and provide the convenience of online purchasing. The creation of window films takes place in large-scale factories, stemming from the petrochemical sector, and our offerings include custom window privacy films.

Heads Up! All parts of custom privacy film for windows will be labelled. We understand our clients: all pieces are numbered and dimensions are clearly indicated, making the application easier for our custom-sized privacy films.

Available Products for Custom-Cut Window Privacy Film 

Popular solutions for one-way visibility include:

  1. Omg 20 - Mirror film designed for indoor use.
  2. Omg 10% - highly reflective tinting, albeit quite dark;
  3. Omg 20 Ex - suitable for outdoor application;
  4. Bronze AT 20 EX - exterior bronze-coloured tint.

All these products can be ordered as custom privacy film for windows. These tints have a feature that works in the direction of brighter light. Dive deeper in our one-way privacy films section. A complete range with similar properties can be found on our mirror window film cut to size page.

Frosted and Opaque Films.

Flexible films offering a uniform appearance include:

  1. FG-K/302 - a vinyl frosted tint;
  2. FG-K/300 - the thickest frost tint offering the most opaque effect;
  3. FG-51131-Gold - a light gold-tinted glass covering.

If you're keen to delve deeper into custom window privacy films or need further clarity, explore our section on pre-cut frosted window films and their suggested applications.

Also, for comprehensive details, explore other categories on our website. Window film UK provides an extensive list of all glass tinting types and their recommended applications.

Model: Silver Omg 30 Ex
Omg 30% Ex - Semi-mirror light film Omg 30% EX is a silver, semi-mirror light film for outdoor use. Reflects solar heat by 70% and reflects sunlight by 64%. This model of film is used as Semi-mirror film one-way visibility reflective sunlight reflecting the heat of the sun Self-a..
Ex Tax:£34.29
Model: FG- Clear bubble textured film
Buy Clear bubble textured film-3D bubble pattern filmFG Clear bubble textured film - choose and buy a decorative privacy film with a pattern. Free cutting to customer's size. Semitransparent Clear bubble textured film. Film with a pattern. An interesting solution for protection from prying eyes..
Ex Tax:£37.40
Model: FG-EC-Etched clear-matt
FG-Etched Clear matt - etched glass effect filmOrder FG-EC-Etched clear-matt film. Free cutting according to the client's size + mounting solution and tool as a gift. The film imitates Etched glass with a matte effect. Delivery anywhere in the UK and beyond.The main feature - the film allows you to ..
Ex Tax:£32.00
Model: FG-K-300 BF -Bubble free intense frost film
FG-K-300 BF Bubble free intense frosted film for dry installationBuy intense frost effect glass film FG-K-300 BF (Bubble free) - for dry installation. Free cutting according to the client's size. Delivery anywhere in the UK and beyond. The film has channels in the adhesive layer for easy and qu..
Ex Tax:£32.00
Model: FG-K-302 frosted effect films Axel Graphics
FG-K-302 -choose and buy frosted effect vinyl window filmBuy Frosted effect films + tool and mounting concentrate as a gift. Free cutting to customer's size. FG-K-302 is the most popular frosted effect window film. Delivery anywhere in the UK. The largest selection and most complete service of windo..
Ex Tax:£29.75
Model: Kpmf 51112-Sanblast film silver-tex
KPMF 51112-Sanblast film silver colorBuy KPMF 51112 — Sanblast film silver color with a pleasant grain texture. This film can be ordered online in ready-to-install parts according to the individual dimensions of the customer. Delivery anywhere in the UK and beyond.This film is usedThe manufacturer a..
Ex Tax:£33.60
Brand: Kraft Films Model: Silver Omg 20
Silver window film Omg 20 % Silver Omg 20 for protection from prying eyes, sunlight and hot weather. Silver window film Omg 20 transmits 24% of sunlight and reflects 80 per cent of heat. The film has a bright silver tint and looks like a clear mirror. The light passing through the film becomes..
Ex Tax:£27.97
Model: Silver Omg 20 Ex
Select and order mirror film for outdoor useOmg 20% Ex mirror film for outdoor use - Cut to size or by the meter width 50 cm, 76 cm, 101 cm. Shipping to any location in the UK and beyond. Tools and mounting solution as a gift.Versatile film with a wide range of possibilities, used as One way mi..
Ex Tax:£34.29
Model: Venitian Blinds DLX-00/01, White Stripes 10 mm
White Stripes 10 mm -Venitian Blinds DLX-00/01..
Ex Tax:£33.90
Model: White Blocks 36mm, DLX-00/04- Width 1,52m
White Blocks 36mm, DLX-00/04..
Ex Tax:£33.90
Model: White Frosted film-101 cm x 1m DLX-01/01
White Frosted film -width 101cmx1m White Frosted film DLX-01/01 has a white and gray matte shade. Frosted film -width 101 cm -running meter. It transmits light very well, removes visibility, as well as makes the glass matte and nontransparent. Frosting film for windows ..
Ex Tax:£12.68
Model: White Frosted film-50 cm x1m DLX-01/01
White Frosted glass window films DLX-01/01 -width 50 cmx1m White Frosted window film DLX-01/01 -width 50 cm -running meter. It transmits light very well, removes visibility, as well as makes the glass matte and nontransparent. WhiteFrosting film for windows Kraft Films ..
Ex Tax:£6.06
Model: White Frosted film-76 cm x1m DLX-01/01
Frosted glass window films -width 101cmx1m Frosted film -width 76 cm -running meter. Frosted window film DLX-01/01 has a white and gray matte shade.  It transmits light very well, removes visibility, as well as makes the glass matte and nontransparent. Frosting film for windows&n..
Ex Tax:£9.03
Model: White frosted window film -DLX-01/01-Cut to size
Buy white frosted window film onlineWhite frosted window film DLX-01/01 has a white color and creates a frost effect. It transmits light very well, removes visibility and makes the glass opaque in both directions. Buy Kraft Films DLX-01/01 if you want to get a neutral white frost film. This fil..
Ex Tax:£27.97
Model: White Matte -DLX-01/01-White privacy films for glass and windows
White privacy films for glass surfaces and windows White privacy films for windows DLX-01/01 -Cut to size has a white and gray matte shade. It transmits light very well, removes visibility, as well as makes the glass matte and nontransparent. White privacy film Kraft Films DLX-01/01W ..
Ex Tax:£27.97
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