How to install self adhesive window film and what you need to know. How to do it correctly and what tool is needed for this? Everything is quite simple, but you need to know the technology and follow the order of execution.

As with all films, a special tool must be used for self adhesive window film.

  • Sprayer for spraying liquid
  • Rubber wiper for cleaning the glass
  • Blade for mechanical glass cleaning (optional)
  • Squeegee for smoothing the film and squeezing the mounting mortar from under the film
  • Lint-free wipes
  • Knife with a thin blade for cutting the film along the edge

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Attention!! Be sure to use an assembly solution. Yes, the film has an adhesive layer, but the mounting solution allows you to distribute the film evenly over the glass without air bubbles

How to install (step by step) self adhesive window film

  1. The entire instrument must be prepared.
  2. Preparing the film. It is necessary to cut the film 2-3 centimeters larger than the glass. Or order a film of the finished size window film cut to size. 
  3. Prepare the installation solution. Pour clean water into the sprayer. Add mounting solution at the rate of 2-3 drops per 1 liter of water.
  4. Wash the glass thoroughly. Spray over with mounting mortar and gradually go through with a blade. The blade removes mechanical impurities, adhering dirt, etc.
  5. Spray glass again. Wipe the frame near the glass with napkins. We carefully pass the glass surface with a rubber wiper.
  6. Spray over with mounting mortar
  7. Gradually remove the protective liner from the film and fill in the glue layer
  8. Apply the film to the glass. The film should float a little - this will allow it to be distributed without folds and air. If the film doesn’t float but is STICKED, it means a little added mounting solution.
  9. On top of the film, spray a thin layer of assembly mortar. This will allow the window film squeegee (rakel) to slide over the film.
  10. Carefully gradually we go through the entire surface of the film. With gradual light movements we drive the solution out from under the film.
  11. If necessary, trim excess window film along the edge of the glass with a knife. 
  12. Spray again with assembly solution. Squeeze out the solution again, but with stronger movements.
  13. Remove moisture from the edges of the film with a napkin.
  14. If necessary, after two to three hours, you can gently tighten the edges of the film.

This installation principle can be used for any type of window film. For example

There is some difference in the window glass protection film, a less concentrated assembly solution is used and the disassembly of the glass structure is required (in some cases).