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Privacy Policy

Privacy and Security Policy of the website

The administration of (the “Administration” for short) takes care of the rights of its visitors and registered users, and is committed to protecting any information provided on the website.

When visitors and users provide any information on the website, they agree that the Administration has rights to process it. The function of data processing is to deliver and improve high-quality services and / or ensure successful cooperation with visitors and users of the website.

When visitors and users provide their contact information, they agree that the Administration has rights to contact them so as to find out reasons for incomplete orders, to make valuable offers, or to invite them to participate in marketing and / or promotional campaigns.

1. Contact information

The Administration can use the contact information specified in the profile in order to identify and contact the user of the site personally to resolve issues related to the execution of an existing or incomplete order, to provide system alerts, information about payments, and to obtain a system confirmation, permission or consent of the user when it is necessary.

The Administration reserves the right to use information about user activities at for technical and user-friendly development of the Online Store.

2. Payments

The Administration guarantees secure and 100 per cent safe payment services at Payment data is collected, sent, stored, processed and confirmed by powerful security servers, which are designed specifically for storage of payment data. These servers are effectively protected from any unauthorized access.

3. Newsletters and newsletter advertising

A user can unsubscribe from newsletter advertising sent by the Online Store and the Administration except order and payment notifications (“System notifications” for short). The Administration reserves the right to add any relevant information to System notifications.

4. Use restrictions

Visitors and users of are prohibited from using devices, technical procedures, and software to attempt or intervene and influence the operation of the Online Store, to obtain personal information and information about other users directly or indirectly, unless the official software is confirmed by the Administration, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and installed on a specific device to access the Online Store. 

The Administration reserves the right to change and supplement the Privacy Policy to ensure the highest quality of all services provided by the Online Store.

If a user decides to stop the storage and processing of his personal data on the website, the data will be deleted from within ten days from the receipt of the application.