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Free testing piece

Free of charge piece of a film for testing and practice

We add a free of charge piece of window film to each order. The additional piece is a great opportunity to practice before installing the ordered details. 

  • Try to remove the protective liner before installation.
  • Feel the film with your fingers.
  • Check the adhesive layer.
  • See how the film fits on the glass.
  • Try the installation tools.

The process of installation of a window film is easy enough, but it is better to practice a bit. The test piece can be easily removed from the glass surface over the course of several hours after the installation.

Try it and get the first experience! Understand the process and feel more confident.

The additional piece of the film has exactly the same properties as the details of the order itself! The size of the additional detail can vary. As a rule, it is a small 15 x 25 cm cut. This is quite enough for practicing and gaining experience.

Even if you order a small detail, we will add the additional piece labeled TEST.

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