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Blackout window film

Blackout window film

Blackout window films darken glass surfaces and block visibility in both directions perfectly. We offer a wide range of films of different types and colours. Blackout window film are an excellent solution if you need a non-transparent glass that blocks sunlight. 

Protection from prying eyes

Blackout window films block the ability to see through glass perfectly. The same opacity effect regardless of the time of the day and the difference in light on both sides of the glass surface. While matte films allow you to see subtle silhouettes and transmit light, blackout window films exclude the possibility of seeing anything in both directions and the passage of light in both directions completely. 

Please consider the features of this type of films. If they are not suitable for you, please check other types of films in the section privacy films for windows.

Why and where are the films to blackout windows used?

  • For decorative purposes on interior and exterior glass surfaces.
  • In special rooms.
  • On windows of utility rooms.
  • On windows of warehouses and garages.

We offer the following options

Five colour options: 

  • Blackout-W Kraft Films - a white non-transparent window film;
  • Blackout-M Kraft Films - an opaque window film, a mirror effect on both sides of the film;
  • Black 777 - a vinyl film;
  • White 999 - a vinyl film;
  • Please check the full range of vinyl films of different colours.

Two types

Two different materials are used to manufacture films to blackout. Conventionally, all blackout films can be divided into two groups with different properties of the source material.

  1. PVC or vinyl films for glass surfaces. PVC is widely used for separate inscriptions and to cover the entire flat surface. Please note that vinyl films can shrink over time. Wide choice of colours is one of the main advantages of the material and films.

Important information

  • Wet installation method is used to install block out light window films. Vinyl block out films can be installed dry but please note that you need to have certain skills for this. 
  • The lifespan of the film depends on the type of the film you choose. The lifespan of vinyl films is twice as short as the lifespan of window films.

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