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Mirror film cut to size

Mirror window film cut to size

Mirror window film cut to size -ordering a precision-cut mirror window film brings more than just an aesthetic enhancement to your living or workspace. Cut with precise computer-aided CNC machinery, our window tint offers an exactness of 0.1mm for every linear metre. The attention to detail ensures you get a perfect fit, every time.

When you opt for our meticulously sized mirror window film, you receive:

  • A complimentary bottle of mounting solution, ensuring a flawless covering application.
  • A professional toolset for swift and efficient installation.
  • An additional, free film fragment, allowing you to practise and perfect your installation technique before the final application.
  • A pictorial instruction manual, simplifying the process.

Why Precision-Cut Mirror Window Film is the Go-to Choice:

  • Effortless Installation: Achieve a perfect fit in less than half the time.
  • No Waste, No Extra Costs: Order the exact size and quantity you need, and avoid unnecessary expenses on off-cuts.
  • Save Time & Avoid Stress: Say goodbye to the frustrations of trimming and concerns over quality.

With over a decade of experience in window tints, all images on our site are genuine and taken from real-life projects.

How to Measure for Precision-Cut Mirror Window Film Cut to Size

Measuring accurately is crucial. It's best to use a rigid tape measure or a long ruler. When ordering from our site, please provide measurements in centimetres, using a comma to indicate millimetres.

  1. Precise Measurement: If you're confident in your measurements and want the film to fit perfectly. But do note, window frames may have slight bends. Visually, windows seem perfectly shaped, but in reality, frames may have slight deformations. Always account for this by making minor adjustments.
  2. Recommended Measurement: Subtract 0.5cm from both the height and width. This ensures a thin, almost invisible gap between the covering and frame edges, compensating for any frame irregularities.
  3. With Trim Measurement: Add 3cm to each dimension. This method requires trimming excess film during installation, ensuring an exact fit. Though it's a bit more labor-intensive and requires skill, it's a nod to the traditional methods—and we totally respect that!

Order Your Precision Cut Mirror Window Film:

Our collection boasts an array of reflective films, offering light permeabilities of 10%, 20%, or 35%. Delve into shades spanning from rich bronze, classic silver, to a subtle golden tint. Select the shade that best complements your interiors.

Tints Specifically for Internal Surfaces:

For those looking to enhance the interiors, we present a curated selection:

  • Omg 20  A reflective mirror film optimised for interior installations.
  • Omg35 A silver-hued tint tailored for an indoor setting
  • Infinity 35 A luminous film graced with a golden tint, perfect for interior applications.

Tints Specifically for External Surfaces:

When it comes to external applications, our offerings include:

If you require more detailed insights into these products, please peruse the mirror film for windows section on our website or delve deeper into our comprehensive window tint category.

We have the same issues as everyone else, but we warn about them upfront

Before you place an order for the precision-cut mirror window film, please consider these essential pointers

Processing Time: 

Grouped orders necessitate extra time for processing. Depending on the queue, this could be between 2 to 4 days.

Larger Details in Dual Parts: 

Our precision cuts for the mirror window film cut to size derive from a professional width roll of 152.4 cm. Larger dimensions are crafted from two segments. This not only simplifies installation—first one segment, followed by the adjacent one—but is also an industry-standard practice.

Before initiating such orders, we invariably consult with the client regarding the seam's placement and their preference for the layout. A confirmation through email ensures clarity.

Carrier Restrictions & Film Care:

  • Carriers generally do not accept parcels exceeding 160 cm in length. The film is transported and stored rolled. Folding is not advisable.
  • Even when not opting for the precision-cut mirror window film, but ordering by linear metres, a seam will be present.
  • The maximum accessible width is 152.4 cm, which is an industry standard. There's no larger dimension available for custom or special requests.

To explore further details about this service, refer to the precut window tint category. It's worth noting that our precision-cut mirror window film enjoys immense popularity amongst UK buyers and extends beyond its borders.

Attention: Mirror window film cut to size items will be dispatched rolled and labelled with the corresponding measurements. This facilitates a rapid identification of each segment's intended position and the particular window designated for it.

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