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Frosted window privacy film

Frosted window film privacy

Introducing the frosted privacy window film: four unique variants. Our collection boasts diverse effects, styles, and hues. Dive into comprehensive details about their features and an easy-to-follow application guide. Opt for our offerings, and benefit from a complimentary application kit and mounting solution. Explore genuine photos, details from practical applications, and the frosted privacy window film.

Embrace a sought-after method to elevate your privacy and introduce a comforting ambience in your home or workspace with our frosted privacy film. These specialized coatings can transform any smooth glass surface. Even pre-installed glass can undergo a transformation into a frosted finish. These films act as barriers to prying eyes, ensuring complete seclusion. Select frosted films can enhance interiors, serving both as ornamental elements for windows and interior glass panels.

Frosting windows for privacy -understanding Its functionality:

The product is crafted to replicate the subtle characteristics of frosted glass flawlessly. Observing through it, one discerns just the basic shapes of items and human silhouettes. This translucency remains uniform from either side. As objects or individuals move further away from the filmed glass, their clarity diminishes, resulting in a misty visual.

Principal advantages:

  1. Consistent and reliable visual privacy effect.
  2. Simplified application process.
  3. Remarkable durability, with many lasting over 9 years.
  4. Crucially, our frosted films guarantee undivided privacy, both during daylight and after dusk.

It is noteworthy that, despite its opacity, such tints provide sufficient light penetration without causing darkening. Quantitatively, our products transmit light from 60 to 80%, which is an outstanding achievement.

A Spectrum of Choices:

Our range includes various types of frosted privacy window films. Keep the following in mind when making your final selection. Consider the following when finalizing your choice:

  • Density: Choose materials with diverse thickness levels; the greater the density, the more noticeable the mistiness and more privacy.
  • Palette Options: Our repertoire includes shades like grey, pristine white, pale gold, and subtle silver.
  • Surface Variations: Whether you're inclined towards smooth satin films or ones with a subtle texture, our selection caters to your needs. For a distinctive finish, consider our films featuring a silvery texture. 

Six distinctive frosted glass privacy film choices

We present to you our top six, highly favoured models from our extensive range:

  • FG-K/302 - a vinyl-derived privacy frosted glass coating.
  • KPMF 51112 - a grainy privacy window film adorned with fine silver speckles.
  • FG-K/300 - renowned for its dense and pronounced frosted appearance.
  • FG-51131-Gold - Distinguished by its subtle gold tint.
  • DLX-01/01 - This refined white-grey material captures the frosted feel of cloudy milk glass.
  • FG-K/300 BF - An enhanced version with air channels ensuring bubble-free dry applications and reliable privacy effect.

The films vary in appearance, but one can confidently say it's the best solution on offer for a personalized approach and frosting windows for privacy. All our featured frosted privacy glass films have an integrated adhesive and fall under the adhesive window film category. Do ensure you follow the correct application methods and utilise the designated tools. 

More information about other types of films can be found in the privacy glass film section. Frosted privacy window films may appear slightly different in each specific case. The privacy effect depends not only on the frosted films but also on the glass itself. Some glass might have a tinted structure, and the film color can also vary.

Why Choose Our Products?

It's clear why you should choose us! Our offerings are exceptional, and the service we provide is unmatched:

  • Our privacy control frosted window film treatments are resistant to UV radiation.
  • Sun-induced damage is a thing of the past with our products.
  • Each item comes with a sturdy 2H protective layer.
  • Crafted for prolonged grip on the glass, they're engineered to last beyond 9 years.

Furthermore, these products are maintenance-free and consistently maintain their visual charm and privacy properties.

Opt for our frosted privacy window film with delivery options covering the entirety of the UK. Additionally, discover our exclusive offers:

What influences the degree of frosted and how can it be adjusted? It all hinges on the chosen product and its characteristics. Regrettably, frosted is a fixed property and cannot be altered.

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