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FG-51131-Gold -Etched film
FG-51131-Gold -Etched film
FG-51131-Gold -Etched film
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  • Model: FG-51131-Gold -Etched film
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FG-51131-Gold - light gold film -etched film

Introducing the Elite FG-51131-Gold Film: Elevate your space with our luxurious Light Gold vinyl film, an ideal solution for enhancing privacy with elegance. This exclusive product is now offered with customised cutting, tailored to meet your exact specifications, accompanied by a complimentary set of installation tools. Benefit from our swift dispatch service across the UK.

Key Features of the FG-51131-Gold Film:

  • Colour Tone: Refined gold shimmer
  • Texture: Smooth, virtually jointless finish
  • Material Composition: Superior grade frosted vinyl for windows
  • Versatility: Suitable for both outdoor and indoor application
  • Longevity: Assured endurance for over seven years
  • Thickness: Ranges between 75 and 80 microns 

Installation Process: 

Comes with a self-adhesive layer; however, we recommend using a professional-grade application fluid to prevent any bubbles or wrinkles. This film offers the most delicate diffusion effect among privacy films for glass windows.

Suggested Applications for FG-51131-Gold:

Ideally designed for personal areas such as entryways, bathrooms, and dressing rooms. Its effectiveness is unmatched in ground-level windows and other spaces requiring privacy.

Bespoke Film Cutting Service:

Select the FG-51131-Gold Etched Film for custom-sized pieces, ensuring a perfect match for your glass dimensions. This service promises an immaculate installation with no excess or hidden fees.

Special Promotion: 

Each order includes a complimentary high-concentration application solution and a professional installation tool.

Variety of Options:

To ensure utmost privacy with an elegant touch, we've thoughtfully crafted a range of options that blend style with practicality. Ideal for those aiming to enhance their environments with both sophistication and effectiveness, these selections stand out. For more insights into these exceptional alternatives, kindly follow the links given for detailed information.

  • FG-K/302: Flaunting a gently frosted appearance
  • FG-K/300: Known for its profound frosting effect
  • DLX-01/01: Showcasing a clean, white frost design
  • Kpmf 51112: Exuding sophistication with its sandblasted silver façade

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