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Mirror film roll

Mirror film in 45 m2 rolls

We offer professional rolls of mirror window films with a total area of 45 square meters. The price depends on the installation type. As a rule, all window films for installation indoors are cheaper, but films for installation outdoors are more expensive. 

Professional roll width

We offer 152.4 cm wide mirror film rolls. This is a professional width enough for standard size glass surfaces. If the width of the surface is larger, you will have to join two details together. 

The capacity of one roll is 30.5 running meters

For installation indoors - strafting from £ 340

For installation indoors - strafting from £ 490

Find out more detailed information about exterior mirror window films and use cases.

Why is it profitable to buy rolls of mirror film?

You get a discount and 30.5 running meters of a mirror window film. The price is lower than the price of a window film measured in running meters or the price of a cut to size window film. Disadvantages: you will have to cut the film and there will be some unnecessary cuttings left.

!!! It is advisable to make a detailed calculation before buying. Choose the most profitable option: order cut to size window films or mirror films in rolls.

!!! Attention! When you buy a roll, you get a complete set of installation tools and free UPS delivery to any place in the UK. 

Check the full range of  window films in rolls offered by our website.

Model: Silver Omg 10-ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Silver Omg 10-ROLL 1,52cm 30,5m..
Ex Tax:£468.00
Model: Silver Omg 20 Kraftfilms ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Silver Omg 20 Kraftfilms ROLL 1,52 cm 30,5m..
Ex Tax:£427.50
Model: Silver Omg 30 Ex ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Silver Omg 30 Ex ROLL 1,52 cm 30,5m..
Ex Tax:£553.50
Brand: Kraft Films Model: Silver Omg 35 Roll
Silver Omg 35 Roll..
Ex Tax:£427.00
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