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Silver Omg 10-Mirror Film Roll
Silver Omg 10-Mirror Film Roll
Silver Omg 10-Mirror Film Roll
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Omg 10 Mirror Film Roll

Introducing the Omg 10 Mirror Film Roll, a premier selection in our elite array of window films, intricately crafted to deliver peerless privacy and superior solar protection.

Exclusive Acquisition Advantages:

Securing the Omg 10 Roll transcends mere product procurement; it represents an investment in a holistic solution. Each roll is accompanied by an exclusive perk: our proprietary blend of tint application fluid and the essential implements for window tint installation, ensuring you are equipped with all requisites for an expert-level application.

Moreover, the Omg 10 Mirror Film Roll is astutely priced at £450 per roll, positioning it not only as the most opaque option but also as a financially astute selection for your window film necessities.

Product Overview:

The Omg 10  sets the standard with its impressive 10% light transmission rate, positioning it as the darkest film in our lineup. 

It's specifically engineered for spaces like server rooms or any area where privacy and maximum heat reflection are paramount. Its distinctive one-way visibility ensures privacy during daylight, seamlessly adjusting to changes in light conditions.

Learn more about the features in the mirrored films for glass section.

Customised Convenience: Tailor-Made Omg 10 Options

For added convenience, you don't have to purchase a full roll. You can order the Omg 10 custom-cut to your specific measurements, ensuring you receive exactly what you need. This service is provided at no extra cost, and each order comes with a complimentary set of professional-grade tinting and installation tools for perfect results.

Explore Our Range:

While the Omg 10 is a standout choice, we understand the need for variety. Explore our diverse collection, which includes options like the Omg 20 roll for general applications, the Bronzat 20 Ex roll with a bronze-tinted exterior finish, and the Omg 35 Roll for a softer, semi-mirrored look. Each product is crafted to meet various aesthetic and functional preferences. Dive into our selection to find the ideal mirror film roll for your specific requirements.

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