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Window film roll

Window film roll

We offer Window Film Roll - more than 50 items. Professional window film in rolls -45 m2. Big range of films of various purposes. Actual information about the remains of the warehouse.

Window film of different types in rolls

If a window film is required in professional rolls, we can offer standard sizes rolls. See window film rolls for sale and find out the cost with free shipping. For example

!!! Also, see below in this section of window film roll products cards, all photos of rolls are original and fully correspond to reality. Technical data and description correspond to reality.

Why window film comes in rolls

The window film is stored and comes in rolls. Window Film Roll come with a capacity of 30 meters, sometimes 50 or 25. The film is wound on the plastic coil (less often on the paper coil), is fixed with two locks and placed in a cardboard box.

The box is made of dense cardboard and can have a different design. Some manufacturers have a box with Roll of Window Film has a removable lid.

Window Film in rolls is easier to store and transport. Original packaging allows you to comfortably work with films. It is convenient to transport and not spoil.

Capacity of rolls with window film

There are no certain standards of capacity and winding of the window film rolls. There are several generally accepted sizes, for example

  • 30 running meters - standard roll capacity for all types of windows films
  • 50 running meters - Used less often. As a rule, these are automotive films and some films for cutting on the plotter.
  • 25 running meters - manufacturers are rarely used.
  • 15 running meters - Used by 3M company for some series of decorative films.

Storage rolls of window film

When storing rolls of window film, it is necessary to observe the conditions recommended by the manufacturer - humidity, temperature. Most importantly, it is advisable to store the film in the original roll. BUT!!! In a horizontal position !!

The manufacturer does not recommend placing the roll of window film in a vertical position for a long time.

See also the glass film roll section on related topics.

Model: Bronze AT 20-ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Bronze AT 20-ROLL 1,52x30,5m..
Ex Tax:£562.00
Model: Bronze AT 35 EX ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Bronze AT 35 EX ROLL 1,52x30,5m..
Ex Tax:£612.50
Brand: Kraft Films Model: Clear 12-mil (336mkm) EN356 P2A ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Clear 12-mil (336mkm) EN356 P2A ROLL 1,52x30,5m..
Ex Tax:£820.00
Model: Clear 4 mil (112mkm)EN12600- ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Clear 4 mil (112mkm) EN12600 ROLL 1,52x30,5m..
Ex Tax:£485.00
Model: Clear 8 mil (224mkm) EN356 P1A- ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Clear 8 mil (224mkm) EN356 P1A- ROLL 1,52x30,5m..
Ex Tax:£690.00
Model: Climatic 1 -ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Climatic 1 -ROLL 152 cm x30,5m..
Ex Tax:£970.00
Climatic 9 External-ROLL 1,52x30,5m Climatic 9 External-ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Out Of Stock
Model: Climatic 9 External-ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Climatic 9 External-ROLL 152 cm x30,5m..
Ex Tax:£1,270.00
Model: Infinity 35 Gold -ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Infinity 35 Gold -ROLL 1,52 cm 30,5m..
Ex Tax:£685.00
Model: Infinity 35-Gold
Light film with a slight golden tintInfinity 35 Gold is a light-coloured indoor solar control film. Color - light gold. Select and order online with delivery anywhere in the UK. The film transmits sunlight by 40% and reflects solar heat by 70%. This film is used asHeat reflectiveSunscreenType o..
Ex Tax:£39.99
Jubilee 60 Kraftfilms ROLL 1,52x30,5m
2-3 Days
Model: Jubilee 60 Kraftfilms ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Jubilee 60 Kraftfilms ROLL 1,52 cm 30,5m..
Ex Tax:£612.00
Model: Silver Omg 10-ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Silver Omg 10-ROLL 1,52cm 30,5m..
Ex Tax:£468.00
Model: Silver Omg 20 Kraftfilms ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Silver Omg 20 Kraftfilms ROLL 1,52 cm 30,5m..
Ex Tax:£427.50
Model: Silver Omg 30 Ex ROLL 1,52x30,5m
Silver Omg 30 Ex ROLL 1,52 cm 30,5m..
Ex Tax:£553.50
Brand: Kraft Films Model: Silver Omg 35 Roll
Silver Omg 35 Roll..
Ex Tax:£427.00
Model: Venitian Blinds WhiteStripe10-ROLL 1,52x30,5m DLX-00/01
Venitian Blinds WhiteStripe10 mm-ROLL DLX-00/01..
Ex Tax:£436.00
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