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Roll-8 Mil - 224 Microns Security Window Film
Roll-8 Mil - 224 Microns Security Window Film
Roll-8 Mil - 224 Microns Security Window Film
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  • Model: Clear 8 mil security film -ROLL 1,52x30,5m
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8 Mil - 224 Microns Security Window Film Roll

Embark on a journey towards unmatched safeguarding with the 8 Mil - 224 Microns Security Window Film Roll, a paradigm of lucidity and resilience. This translucent, multi-layered marvel stands as your definitive line of defence against the threats of break-ins and shattered glass. Clear 8 mil (224mkm) EN356 P1A- ROLL 1,52x30,5m

Specially crafted for medium-sized windows, it operates as an imperceptible fortress, harmoniously merging security with aesthetic appeal. 

Advantages of the Full 8 Mil - 224 Roll 

Seize the array of advantages that accompany your choice of the full roll of our 8 Mil - 224 security film.

  • Complimentary Dispatch: Revel in the convenience of cost-free delivery throughout the UK, delivered reliably by FedEx couriers.
  • Exclusive Bonus: Each purchase comes with a window film tool kit, augmenting the worth and functionality of your investment.
  • Advantageous Pricing: Capitalise on the economic efficiency of wholesale rates when acquiring rolls of window film.

8 Mil - 224 Microns Film: Elevating Window Security Features

Fortification: The Durability and Tenacity of 8 Mil Film. Opt for the 8 Mil (224 microns) film for internal use, a robust barrier against external meddling. Meticulously crafted to withstand forces up to 35 kg per square metre, it meets the exacting standards of the DIN 52337 safety specification, enhancing your property's shield against unwelcome breaches.

Acquiring an entire roll is a prudent decision for those involved in regular, large-scale transactions with this film. For custom, smaller applications, our 8 Mil - 224 Microns Security Film Cut to Size presents an appropriate alternative.

Versatility of the 8 Mil (224 Microns) Film 

The film, with a substantial thickness of 8 Mil (224 microns), is ingeniously crafted to fortify the robustness of windows of intermediate dimensions, thereby assuring a protective shield over a versatile spectrum of glass surfaces:

  • Glass partitions in the lower levels of residential and commercial edifices
  • Transparent sections in primary entrances
  • Windowed areas facilitating ingress to patios and balconies
  • Glass installations in subterranean and utilitarian areas
  • Showcase panes of retail venues
  • Glazed segments in sunrooms and similar constructions

This cinematographic masterpiece encapsulates the sheer lucidity of your pane without compromising on impenetrable safeguarding. Adorned with a tenacious bonding stratum, it harmonises with an array of aperture styles and vows enduring durability, preserving its impeccable state for well over a nonet of years.

Explore the functional details, differentiate the subtleties between 8 Mil and 12 Mil thicknesses, and understand the protective benefits on our glass film protection page

Range of Choices and Alternative Solutions 

Our collection features an extensive array of security window films, catering to a wide spectrum of protective requirements. Ranging from the sturdy 12 Mil film roll to the more delicate 4 Mil roll, our assortment is designed to fulfil your distinct security and aesthetic needs.

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