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Large Set of Tools-Free
Large Set of Tools-Free
Large Set of Tools-Free
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Cut to Size or running meters
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Free squeegee or tool
Add to each order as a bonus
Mounting concentrate for free
To install film without bubbles

Large Set of Tools for Window Film Installation

When purchasing window film in our online store, for orders with a large amount of window film details, we add a large set of tools for window tinting.

We strive to offer our customers the most convenient service. More details can be found in the section - free tools for window films.

The glass tinting tool set consists of

  • Large squeegee with a handle - 15 centimeters long, made of special polyurethane
  • 3M Gold Squeegee - 10 cm wide
  • Two blades - used for mechanical cleaning of glass during glass washing
  • Blade holder - for convenient and safe work
  • Knife with a thin blade – for trimming the film if necessary
  • Concentrate for installing window film - by adding the concentrate to water, you can get 4-5 liters of mounting liquid. This volume is enough to install 7-9 square meters of window film.

Unlike the small tool set, this set with a convenient squeegee with a handle can be used to install a large amount of window film.

To learn more about the tools for working with window films, see the section for glass tinting tools. If you wish to choose window film, see the section of the website for glass window films.

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