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Types of window film

Types of window film - 9 kinds

Types of window film - the largest warehouse. DIY - professional films. 9 different types of window film for all occasions. We offer a huge selection of different models.

Easy to adapt to the requirements of a specific client. Window films of all types can be ordered cut according to the individual dimensions of the client. Find your new window films in our range window film store.

9 types of window film

There are 9 main types of window films. Each type of window film has its own properties and is used in appropriate conditions. For example,

  1. privacy film - protection from prying eyes of varying degrees
  2. one way mirror film for windows – one way visibility
  3. solar film - films of different colors and degrees of darkness
  4. reflective window film - for different cases
  5. frosted film - let light through, but make the glass opaque in both directions.
  6. protection film different thicknesses to protect against burglary and splinters
  7. tint film - for car glass
  8. decorative window films with different patterns and different colors
  9. one-way window film - transparencies on one side.

Choose films in accordance with the recommendations and recommendations. Learn more about the range window film available on the website of our company. Difficult to find? See more in the section film for window.

We offer adhesive window film, can be easily and quickly installed on any flat glass. Learn more about quality films and how to choose window film UK.

Current selection of films

We support our assortment and range. The client has the opportunity to prove a window film many years after his first order. We have been working since 2010 and we plan to work for a very long time!! Come and buy window film online UK and far beyond.

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