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Window film sizes

What are the standard sizes of window films?

The standard width is 152.4 cm or 50''. Some manufacturers provide 51 cm, 101 cm and 183 cm wide window films. The size of the window film depends on where and for what purpose the film will be used.

Films for flat glass surfaces and buildings

  • Standard width 152.4 cm. The width is advantageous in terms of production and transportation. This width of window films is considered professional.
  • The most popular window films (for example, mirror window film can be 183 cm or 72'' wide). Transportation of such films is associated with additional costs, since the size is larger than the size of standard pallets. 
  • 101 cm and 76 cm wide window films are not so popular. As a rule, these dimensions are made on special order and imply a significant volume. Some sellers are used to cut standard rolls into several rolls of smaller sizes.

Films for automotive glass

The glass surfaces of a car are relatively small. Manufacturers offer a wide range of auto glass tinting films. The widths differ for easier and more profitable work. For example: 

  • 51 cm or 20'';
  • 76 cm or 30'';
  • 101 cm or 40'';
  • standard width 152 cm.

Which width to choose?

Width is of great importance if you order glass films measured in running meters. By choosing the right width, you can save money and avoid unnecessary cuttings. If a customer orders cut to size film, he receives the exact size and amount.

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