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Reflective film for privacy

Detailed information about reflective window films for privacy

What is the effect of the reflective privacy films for windows and what conditions must be met? The most frequently asked questions and the complete descriptions of reflective window films.

Reflective privacy films for windows are very popular due to their efficiency and ease of installation, as well as a very long lifespan and easy maintenance.

The desired effect

Many people want to make their windows non-transparent from the outside and transparent from the inside. Reflective films provide great privacy effects for windows. Make the windows of your house opaque for neighbors and passers-by.

These films can be installed on any window. Perfect privacy mirror effect on one side of the window and transparency on the other side of the window for your comfort! BUT please...

Take the intensity and the direction of light into account!

Does it sound complicated? Everything is easy! Imagine that a reflective film is installed on the window in order to ensure privacy and to protect from prying eyes.

During the day. When it is lighter outside than inside the room, the window looks like a mirror from the outside and is transparent from the inside.

In the evening or at night. When it is dark outside and the light is turned on in the room, the effect changes its direction. The window is transparent from the outside and looks like a mirror from the inside!

Unfortunately, these films provide privacy only during daytime and only in the direction of a greater light. What are the solutions?

  • Use curtains or blinds in the evening.
  • There should always be more light outside. Consider installing outdoor lighting above the windows. In addition, the room should be darker than the outside in the evening. It is necessary to adjust the illumination from both sides of the windows.

These films have the same effect as other reflective films and mirror window films with similar properties do.

If you use the darkest film

If you use the darkest window film (for example, 5 % or even 4 %), almost nothing will be seen when you look outside in the daytime. What is more, nothing will be seen when you look from the street in the evening and at night.

Top 5 of the most popular reflective window films for privacy

Here is a list of the most popular reflective privacy films:

  1. Omg 20 - the top requested mirror film for installation indoors;
  2. Omg 35 - blight semi-mirror window film for installation indoors. Perfect for small windows;
  3. Omg 20 Ex - mirror film for installation outdoors;
  4. The fourth place is shared by two models - Omg 35 Ex and bronze Bronz AT 35 for outdoor installation.
Model: Silver Omg 30 Ex
 Silver Omg 30 Ex..
Ex Tax:£33.68
Model: Bronze AT 20% EX
Bronze AT 20 EX..
Ex Tax:£38.43
Model: Bronze AT 35 EX
Bronze AT 35 EX..
Ex Tax:£38.43
Model: Silver Omg 10 Mirror Film
Omega 10  Mirror Film..
Ex Tax:£29.88
Silver Omg 20 Silver Omg 20
Hot 2-3 Days
Brand: Kraft Films Model: Silver Omg 20
Silver window film Omg 20 %Silver Omg 20 for protection from prying eyes, sunlight and hot weather. Silver window film Omg 20 transmits 24% of sunlight and reflects 80 per cent of heat. The film has a bright silver tint and looks like a clear mirror. The light passing through the film becomes s..
Ex Tax:£26.10
Model: Silver Omg 20 Ex
Silver Omega 20 Ex..
Ex Tax:£31.68
Model: Silver Omg 35%
Semi mirror film Omg 35 % for small windowsOrder light mirror film Omg 35 %. This window film protects from hot weather and bright sun, gives a semi mirror effect for protection from prying eyes. Omg 35 blocks out 99 per cent of UV radiation.This film is usually used on small windows for protection ..
Ex Tax:£26.10
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