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Privacy film cut to size

How to get cut to size privacy window films?

Enter dimensions and get an accurate cut to size privacy window film! The accuracy is 0,1 mm per 1 m. The most popular cut to size privacy films can be ordered online and received in the UK. Ready-to-install privacy films cut to your personal size.

How to order?

Choose a film. Enter dimensions and number of details. Please specify:

  • Height in centimeters;
  • Width in centimeters;
  • Quantity in pieces.

Press the ADD TO CART button. The number and dimensions of details can be changed before placing an order (i.e. payment).  

TOP 10 - the most popular films and what to choose

Privacy films presented in this section of the website can be ordered ready-made, cut to fit according to the size of the detail. Numerous properties, privacy levels and colours.

One-way privacy films

  1. Omg 20 - one-way mirror film for indoor installation;
  2. Omg 20 Ex - for outdoor installation; 
  3. Omg 35 - semi-mirror film; 

!!! Check comprehensive information about one way privacy films.

Matte and non-transparent films

  1. Dlx 01/01W - white matte film;
  2. Dlx 01/01 - semi white matte film;
  3. Kpmf 51112- grey matte PVC film.

If in doubt, check privacy films and recommendations for use. 

Limitations on sizes

Cutting precision: 0,1 mm per 1 m. The maximum size of details is 280 x 280 cm. We work with professional 152,4 cm wide rolls of window film. Large details consist of two pieces.

Model: Silver Omg 30 Ex
 Silver Omg 30 Ex..
Ex Tax:£33.68
Model: Bronze Matte DLX-01/02
Bronze Matte DLX-01/02..
Ex Tax:£30.33
Model: FG-F/402-P Axel Graphics
FG-F/402-P Axel Graphics ..
Ex Tax:£28.38
Silver Omg 20 Silver Omg 20
Hot 2-3 Days
Brand: Kraft Films Model: Silver Omg 20
Silver window film Omg 20 %Silver Omg 20 for protection from prying eyes, sunlight and hot weather. Silver window film Omg 20 transmits 24% of sunlight and reflects 80 per cent of heat. The film has a bright silver tint and looks like a clear mirror. The light passing through the film becomes s..
Ex Tax:£26.10
Model: Silver Omg 20 Ex
Silver Omega 20 Ex..
Ex Tax:£31.68
Model: White Blocks 36mm, DLX-00/04- Width 1,52m
White Blocks 36mm, DLX-00/04- Width 1,52m..
Ex Tax:£29.43
Model: White Matte -DLX-01/01
White privacy films for glass surfaces and windows White privacy film DLX-01/01 has a white and gray matte shade. It transmits light very well, removes visibility, as well as makes the glass matte and nontransparent. White privacy film Kraft Films DLX-01/01W is usually chosen by our customers w..
Ex Tax:£23.13
Model: White Stripes 45mm, DLX-00/12
White Stripes 45mm, DLX-00/12..
Ex Tax:£29.43
Model: White-White Matte DLX-01/01W Kraftfilms
White matte window film Kraft Films DLX-01/01WThe thick white matte window Kraft Films 01/01W removes visibility through the glass and creates a beautiful uniform milky-white effect. It dissipates light and protects from prying eyes perfectly. We offer white matte window films measured in running me..
Ex Tax:£26.10
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