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Obscure films

Effects provided by obscure window films

Obscure window films protect from prying eyes during both daytime and nighttime. These films have different colours and textures. Top 5 of obscure films to be used for different purposes.

Obscure window films change the properties of a glass surface and make it opaque. Everything that happens behind the glass surface becomes blurry. Perfect solution for protection from prying eyes on both sides of the glass surface or window. Objects and people are like in a fog. They are very hard to see.

Obscure films are used on glass surfaces in different rooms:

  • in bathrooms and showers;
  • on interior glass surfaces;
  • on partitions in offices and apartments;
  • in dressing rooms;
  • on glass surfaces of entrance doors.

Advantages of obscure films

First of all, these films are easy to use! Obscure films can be installed on any flat and smooth glass surface or window. There is no need to disassemble a window, a door or a glass item. All work activities are carried out locally. Simple yet effective solution. Similar in the created effect and their properties to opaque film for glass

Key advantages:

  • obscure films block the transparency of glass surfaces in both directions;
  • they are moisture and damp resistant;
  • they do not block the transmission of light in both directions and do not darken the glass surface;
  • they are easy to install.

Additional advantages:

  • long lifespan of the films;
  • they can be washed many times;
  • as any other window film, these films are maintenance-free and do not require special attention;
  • if necessary, they are easy to remove without any damages to the glass surface.

Transmission of sunlight

Obscure glass films transmit 75-80 percent of light and provide a very high light transmission in both directions. They are almost invisible and let the light enter the room. If an obscure film is installed from the outside, the level of natural light does not change.

How to use obscure glass films?

Obscure glass films can be used in different ways. Everything depends on your desires and needs, the purpose of the premises and the location of the glass. The most popular solutions are the following:

  • cover the entire glass surface;
  • cover the window up to eye level;
  • cover 50 centimeters from the windowsill.

Different colours of obscure glass films for windows

There are many colour choices offered by the manufacturers of obscure window films. The wide range of window films offered by our company includes the most popular of them:

  • milky white;
  • light grey;
  • grey;
  • bronze.

Top 5

Please check the Top 5 of obscure glass films: from the most to the least popular. This Top 5 is based on our experience and may differ from other reviews:

  1. Kraft DLX-01/01W - smooth milky-white obscure glass film;
  2. Kraft DLX-01/01 - white film with a grey shade; 
  3. Kraft DLX-01/02 Bronze - very light and smooth bronze film;
  4. Semi-grey FG-K/300 - blurred obscure film that looks like an etched glass;
  5. KPMF 51112 - grey sandblast effect vinyl film.

All images displayed on our website are an authentic and an accurate presentation of our products.

Different texture of the films

There are several materials that provide unique obscure glass effects. Our company offers three different types of obscure films: 

  • absolutely smooth polyester films;
  • rough PVC films with an effect of sandblasted glass;
  • smooth obscure PVC glass films (vinyl films) with an effect of etched glass.

Please check other models of privacy films with similar features. Detailed and authentic images and descriptions of the products on our website. 

Model: Bronze Matte DLX-01/02
Bronze Matte DLX-01/02..
Ex Tax:£30.33
Model: FG-K/300-Axel Graphics
FG-K/300-Axel Graphics..
Ex Tax:£27.68
Model: KPMF 51112 Matte Textured/Grain Silver Etch
KPMF 51112 Matte Textured/Grain Silver Etch..
Ex Tax:£31.30
Model: White Matte -DLX-01/01
White privacy films for glass surfaces and windows White privacy film DLX-01/01 has a white and gray matte shade. It transmits light very well, removes visibility, as well as makes the glass matte and nontransparent. White privacy film Kraft Films DLX-01/01W is usually chosen by our customers w..
Ex Tax:£23.13
Model: White-White Matte DLX-01/01W Kraftfilms
White matte window film Kraft Films DLX-01/01WThe thick white matte window Kraft Films 01/01W removes visibility through the glass and creates a beautiful uniform milky-white effect. It dissipates light and protects from prying eyes perfectly. We offer white matte window films measured in running me..
Ex Tax:£26.10
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