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Cut to size window films - ready to install details

Order any type of window films cut to size. The cutting accuracy is 0,1 mm per 1 running meter. Cut to size window films are quick and easy to install. We will cut the details for quick and easy installation. The machine with programmed control and laser positioning cuts all types of window films.

Time saving

Сutting to size is the most painstaking process. When a customer receives his cut to size window film, he just has:

  1. to wash the glass surface;
  2. to apply the assembly mortar;
  3. to remove the protective layer;
  4. to install and to smooth the film out.

The process of the installation of cut to size window films is two times faster and three times easier than cutting window films measured in running meters.

Ready to install details

Cut to fit window films are profitable: no unnecessary cuttings and leftovers. You get exactly as much as you need and according to the specified sizes.

What sizes to specify

It is necessary to measure the height and the width of the glass and to choose one of three options:

  • First option - subtract 0,5 cm (5 mm) from each value. A barely noticeable thin frame is formed after installation. Easy installation even on slightly curved windows. We recommend this option!!!
  • Second option - you can specify exact dimensions without any gaps. This option is not so popular. We can easily cut any size, but it is not always possible to take the exact dimensions. All measuring devices (including tape measures and rulers) can be in error of several millimeters and this causes deviations.
  • Third option - for a very accurate result. You can specify dimensions 3 cm larger than the actual dimensions and cut extra film using a sharp knife after the installation. The result will be very accurate and with a minimum amount of unnecessary cuttings.

The maximum dimensions of the made to measure window film

The size of the workboard of our machine allows us to cut details with the maximum size of 280 x 280 cm. We use professional films in 152,4 cm rolls. If a detail is wider than 150 cm, it consists of two parts and should be joined on the glass surface.

Order all types of window films cut to size

We offer the most complete range of all types of window films and a precise cutting to size. 

Please check the cut to size window films for quick and easy installation. Choose the product card and indicate all necessary dimensions.

It takes one or two days to process orders and four to six days to deliver them to any location in the United Kingdom

Orders for precut window films are processed within one or two working days depending on current workload and season. If you do not need a custom precut, your order will be processed within one working day. Making it convenient to every customer, our system sends automated email notifications about the stages of each order: payment processing, order processing, shipment.  

Model: Silver Omg 30 Ex
 Silver Omg 30 Ex..
Ex Tax:£33.68
Model: Bronze AT 20% EX
Bronze AT 20 EX..
Ex Tax:£38.43
Model: Bronze AT 35 EX
Bronze AT 35 EX..
Ex Tax:£38.43
Model: Bronze Matte DLX-01/02
Bronze Matte DLX-01/02..
Ex Tax:£30.33
Brand: Kraft Films Model: Clear 12 mil (336mkm) EN356 P2A
Very thick safety film Kraft Films 12 mil (336 microns)336 microns thick anti-burglary protective film Kraft Films 12mil is used for very large windows in order to protect homes and offices against break-ins, robbers and vandals. Safety film Kraft Films 12 mil (336 microns) is necessary and suitable..
Ex Tax:£44.73
Brand: Kraft Films Model: Clear 4 mil (112mkm) EN12600
Order anti-shatter glass film Kraft Films 4MilSafety film 100 micron KraftFilms 4 mil (actual thickness - 112 microns) is a reliable protection from glass and mirror shatters used in apartments, private residences and offices. The film complies with safety standard EN12600 1B1. Absolutely transparen..
Ex Tax:£26.10
Model: Climatic 9-External
Climatic 9-External..
Ex Tax:£64.00
Model: FG-F/402-P Axel Graphics
FG-F/402-P Axel Graphics ..
Ex Tax:£28.38
Model: FG-K/300-Axel Graphics
FG-K/300-Axel Graphics..
Ex Tax:£27.68
Model: FG-K/301 Axel Graphics
FG-K/301 Axel Graphics..
Ex Tax:£26.43
Model: Jubilee 60 Kraftfilms
Jubilee 60 Kraftfilms..
Ex Tax:£40.73
Model: KPMF 51112 Matte Textured/Grain Silver Etch
KPMF 51112 Matte Textured/Grain Silver Etch..
Ex Tax:£31.30
Model: Silver Omg 10 Mirror Film
Omega 10  Mirror Film..
Ex Tax:£29.88
Silver Omg 20 Silver Omg 20
Hot 2-3 Days
Brand: Kraft Films Model: Silver Omg 20
Silver window film Omg 20 %Silver Omg 20 for protection from prying eyes, sunlight and hot weather. Silver window film Omg 20 transmits 24% of sunlight and reflects 80 per cent of heat. The film has a bright silver tint and looks like a clear mirror. The light passing through the film becomes s..
Ex Tax:£26.10
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